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He lit fires everywhere, rolling and melting in the furnace, without even the strength to raise his eyelids. But the brain can still think, the abdomen is holding Ming Xuan that expression where is like, obviously ate a fly like. To tell the truth, she was the master after all, and it was really unbearable to expose such a private matter to the disciples. But he could not resist the fool's liking, and his infatuation was about to bore people to death. Newlyweds probably stay up all night. The next day she could not go to the ground, but the Lord was refreshed, changed into a black gold-rimmed robe, with two trademark horns, and kissed her on the forehead before going out. Lady, I'm leaving, and you can sleep for a while. It may take a little time for the grand ceremony to tell heaven and earth. If I come back late, don't worry. Wu Fang kept silent and wanted to go with him, but he couldn't get up anyway. He had planned to slow down, but he had already driven his cloud head in the direction of the Daming Palace. Chapter 69 Face is something that if you think you are lost, you are lost; if you believe that you are not lost, it must still be there. When the Lord was on his way to the Circular Mound, all the lords of the Sixteen Cities of Tungsten and Gold came. Not only they, but he also saw the Lord of the Underworld. At first, the people did not know who he was, but when they saw a pair of big horns on his head, they thought he was very tough. He also did not say much, the face value is high, the indifference has the four seas dragon king's model very much, the result some people start to discuss privately, "the person emperor is the person emperor,ultrasonic spray nozzle, even the dragon king all comes to present a gift". Then the silly castellan gathered around and began to get close. "This man of God has a good appearance, a good skin, and a perky horn." "Dare to ask where the man of God is?"? We're from the newspaper house. Shall we meet? "Many friends, many roads, just for your opposite corner, I will make friends with you." To his annoyance, the old acquaintance of the past did not recognize him now, and he was both amused and a little sad. The Lord of the Underworld stood not far from him, the ruler of the underworld, out of the land of Brahma, looking grey, as if he had lost too much blood. In any case, at the beginning of the operation of Jiuyou Inn, they have been partners for thousands of years, so that the Lord and he are the most familiar. Seeing him standing there quietly, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he said, "What are you doing here?"? It's a good ceremony. As soon as you show up, it's like a funeral. Everyone looked at each other because of his insolent words, and the king of the underworld also looked silly with brain death on his face. "Are we very familiar?" The Lord glanced at him contemptuously, but did not answer his question. He shook his sleeves and tucked his hands in. "Are you here alone?"? What about the Queen of Hell? Did she trust you to come out alone? Ming Jun was even more inexplicable. "Is it good to miss someone else's wife the first time we meet?" I don't know how he became the head of the underworld, but he was so slow. Even if you haven't met, can't you hear the voice? The Lord turned his face away and sighed heavily. Looking around, this circular mound is so lively, and there are representatives from all three realms. He found his childhood playmates in the crowd, including the lake and the horned tiger. Unfortunately, he later transformed into a black unicorn, and they didn't have much contact with him. Alas, what a sad world. He stroked the Tibetan arrow on his shoulder, but no one knew him, and only the arrow followed him all the time. Looking up at the sun, the grand ceremony should begin soon! As soon as he came, he had the desire to go home. Of course, getting along with these people was not as happy as whispering with his wife. What's more, people from all walks of life gathered in Changan, put a person at home, he is always a little worried. Just as he was thinking a lot, the king of the underworld, who had racked his brains on the side, finally remembered. He looked at him incredibly and pointed to his index finger trembling, "You.." You Are you Nightmare White? ***, now even the Lord is not called, it is simply the second to swallow God. The Lord frowned at him, and a stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the lords of the city immediately stirred up. No one would have thought that the old demon of ten thousand years had given birth to such a beautiful appearance, so the strong image erected before was gone.
Look at the romantic eyebrows and corners of the eyes, several people who have Longyang's hobby are almost falling in love. They tut: "I didn't expect that.." The Lord doesn't like their amazing tone, and what does it mean to look at the sea and see his eyes become affectionate? He glanced around them. "King Ben used to keep a low profile and didn't face you with his real body.". Today is the first formal meeting. I understand your surprise, but what does smacking your lips mean? And'didn't think of it. 'What didn't you think of? His tone was not very good, but it was always such a domineering tone, so it was not surprising. Although the skin is beautiful, we have not forgotten his origin, he is a black unicorn for billions of years, no wonder the fighting capacity is so strong, even if people praise his beauty, no one dares to flirt with him. Everyone said with one voice, "I didn't expect.." The Lord has such a pair of beautiful big horns. Then he looked at each other happily and smiled, as if he were glad to have escaped the disaster. No one has forgotten how much Bai Zhun holds a grudge, and if he accidentally exposes his heart, he will wait for him to kill him. And the Lord was glad to hear that they praised his horn. He stretched out his hand proudly and stroked it. "You don't know that King Ben was officially married the night before last.". This corner.. It is the mark left on my body by my nightmare queen, which is full of love. If he had shown this face earlier, would he still be worried about getting married? Women all over the world are waiting for him to marry. The crowd made a mess of congratulations,ultrasonic molten metal, and all kinds of strange congratulations emerged one after another. Ming Jun recalled the short but pleasant time with Yan Wufang. He asked tentatively, "Did Brother Bai marry the same one?" This is a very interesting question, and obviously everyone is interested in knowing it. The Lord looked up at the sky over the heads of these people. "Your Majesty is married to the first beauty of the earth and the master of the emperor of the world. Which one are you referring to?" 。