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Beast Blood Boils _ Jingguan _ txt Novel Paradise (5th Dec 22 at 12:23am UTC)
The ability of "serial blitz" can only be possessed by Warcraft in nature. For example, Cui Beixi's familiar "Raptor" has this talent. Raptor's attack magic is "Thunder Lightning". Because of its own talent, "Thunder Lightning" shoots out. Will be split into three chain of lightning, forming a standard "chain of lightning", a fork to attack the opponent; "Velociraptor" pheasant ability is only three links, the other overlord of the sea "abyss Lord" also has this talent, but it can only be "five links of lightning", so the "nine links" is really very Boolean B. Dragons, snakes, turtles and clams all produce pearls. Hydra's snake beads are in the lower jaw. After taking them out, the wearer can bless the ability of "nine-link lightning strike". This Hydra named Gianna is already Storm Hydra, so its snake beads also have a certain amount of water magic bonus, which can form a mixed sputtering effect, which is what Zhorna means by "water exquisite nine links". With its snake beads, the wearer only needs to cast no more than nine splinter attack spells. Will decrease according to the share, in turn according to the fan radius, blitz additional opponents, high-level magic such as "Water Blade Storm", "Meteor Fire Rain" and so on, its own split body more than nine,Time Delay Faucet, will not work. Liu shock also feel a little strange, just like the original dragon son adult. Although these Warcraft have precious beads in their bodies, they can't have this extra bonus, which is really strange. This makes Lao Liu can not help but think of Niuhuang Goubao, although Niuhuang Goubao can cure people. But to the cow and the dog itself, it is of no use. The two fairy dragons were not idle either. One left and one right swam within 30 yards of the sea clan. They wanted to bully the sea clan with the "elemental bite back" without long-range attack firepower. As a result, this carelessness almost led to an accident. The enchantment of three mermaids is actually a "shadow warrior"-a enchantment that can turn their shadows into warriors. Just now they had been holding back when they saw two fairy dragons swaggering over,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and the shadows slanted on the ground by the shampa immediately turned into three huge black cloth warriors, two floating to Daisy and one to Zhorna. This sudden change, not only shocked Liu, even the two fairy dragons were scared silly, even the teleportation was forgotten, the two fairy dragons had no experience of hand-to-hand combat at all, and the two knight swords in their waists were just dressed up. By this time, Mo Er's lightning had just made a move, and Ge Ruian and Flamingo were rushing back after encircling and suppressing the ten Sirens, and Lao Liu's forces were stretched to the extreme. Old Liu was carrying a Guli fire blunderbuss in his hand, and he didn't care about the splashing effect of "Moradin Anger". He shot a shadow warrior who was the fastest to kill Daisy. This kind of shadow warrior seemed to be a strange thing like a soul, which could automatically filter physical attacks. Old Liu's copper bullet passed through its body without any effect. Fortunately, Wraiths Pegasus's "Crystal Elegance" immediately followed Lao Liu, a follow shot, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Prison toilet for sale, crisply killed one, it seems that this shadow warrior is immune to physical attacks, but can not withstand magic attacks. Katyusha in Daisy's arms did her best, and at this difficult moment, if she was not naughty, a series of water arrows swept another shadow warrior around her into a sieve of black rags, and the shadow warrior threw himself forward, and when the shadow halberd in his hand turned upside down, it just opened a bloody mouth on Daisy's shoulder, and the cloak was cut, splashing with dragon blood of several colors. Daisy's hand was so weak that she almost dropped the mineral water to the ground. The huge bodies of the two shadow warriors, one behind the other, fell like ghosts, straight through the body of Daisy, who had been frightened silly, and landed on the ground. Become a shadow in the moonlight again. Really is the sea race king's talent boundary, this kind of "shadow warrior" can fly quickly, not afraid of physical attacks, weapons have physical attacks, incredible to the extreme. But Ruoerna is unlucky, she and Daisy is a left and a right to attack, wanted to catch the sea people by surprise.
Instead, he let himself down and watched the shadow warrior in front of him fly closer and closer. O'Neill's throwing axe passed through the shadow warrior's body and did no harm to it at all. At the critical moment, a two-bladed transparent monster suddenly passed through the middle of Zhorna's body, spewing out a breath of freezing and death to meet the last shadow warrior. The elemental attack was the most effective against the shadow warrior, who was frozen by the freezing breath and kept waving his trident. The transparent monster, like a fool, kept spitting out a pale yellow air mass, keeping the shadow warrior in a hard shape. Liu shock to see the dead, he clearly saw that this fool like monster is from the body of Hydra on the ground, although has always heard that the Aegean mainland is the existence of the dead, but after all, he is also the first time to see. Only then did Ruoerna and Daisy recover and quickly move back to Lao Liu's side. The two fairy dragons plunged into Lao Liu's arms, their delicate bodies trembling. The crystal knife of Pegasus immediately took care of the only remaining shadow warrior. Liu shook and rubbed his eyes, and found that the transparent monster in the middle was actually a miniature version of Hydra, a Hydra monster. Nothing else could be seen, but the nine heads shaking together and the two thick legs of the chubby were the only one. Blast it! Liu was shocked and felt his hair stand on end. He pointed at the undead Hydra and said to Mo Er. Please, please! No! Let it go! The screams of Gran rang across the island from afar. Not only Lao Liu, but also the sea people were all there. For the undead, no one in the Aegean continent, except the necromancer, is not at a respectful distance. What is this Ruoerna raised her head from Lao Liu's arms, opened her mouth, and murmured. I don't know. The wound on Daisy's arm was still bleeding, and the shadow warrior's halberd seemed to be hanging badly. Please,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, please. Leave Jaina alone! For the sake of saving the fairy dragon! Ge Ruian actually flew faster than one, the floor in the old Liu's side, two incomplete front paws a strong arch.
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