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Crossing, no reason (5th Dec 22 at 12:51am UTC)
“……” With a burst of laughter, Nian Wei laughed and looked at me dumbfounding. After dressing, "Sister, it's getting late. Sister, I should go." Holding the rose petals in his hand, he was ready to retire. Why She looked at me. Do you want to ask me why I want to live an ordinary life when I have such ability? Sometimes, plain is also a kind of beauty. I think my life is very happy now. And I'm curious, why? No matter how good that man is, can he be better than Yin Zhongtu and Zuo Mingshan? Why did Nian Wei choose him? Nian Wei smiled bitterly, and after a moment, she opened her mouth: "Obviously, he is beside me, but I feel that he is far away from me.". He looks at me the same way he looks at other people. So when I met him later, his heart and eyes were all me. Speaking of this, Nian Wei smiled with a trace of shyness and happiness. I smiled and did not answer. I heard that my sister is always studying the chess manual when she has nothing to do. Which day will I accompany Lian Wen to practice? I just borrowed a few chess manuals to look at, but I didn't expect that even this matter had not escaped her eyes. My sister is joking. There is no problem. My sister will do her best. Walking on the road, touching my cheek, my muscles are almost stiff with laughter. Late autumn is really not suitable for the water. I'm so tired. "Princess, you are joking again, and Qianmei is happy to see you finish the water.". I wonder why this idea came to mind? "To return a favor.". Your princess, I don't like to be in debt. Qianmei, this is the end of the matter, and no one can miss a word in the future. "Qianmei understands.". The princess is affectionate and righteous. Qianmei once again feels that it is a blessing for Qianmei III to meet a master like you, the princess. With a smile, I said no more. Is there love and righteousness? Would I have done it if my safety was at stake? The answer is yes, and I will never help. Without the help of this heavy rain, would I repay this favor? The answer is yes, absolutely not. You all go down and rest, and Qianfeng stays. "Qianfeng, about the investigation, who mentioned in the future, can not say.". Not a word can be missed. "Qianfeng knows.". Princess, Qianfeng is very curious, what do you think the result will be? "All wishes come true." "Why?" "Fool Qianfeng, follow me for such a long time, still can't think of it?"? An excellent person like her, if she can't be used by the royal family, it will be a threat in the future if she easily enters a family with a big family name. In this way, it is better to give her a great kindness, and there will be no danger in this life. "Ah, that, that princess, this matter, is not from the beginning." "Shh, whether it's man-made or providential, it's a good result, isn't it?". It's no use thinking too much. According to what Nian Wei said, the person she likes should be Yin Zhongtu, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill pallet, that man I said, looks very easy-going and close to the fact. It seems that my intuition is not wrong. That time Zuo Mingshan said that the person Menglan liked was also Yin Zhongtu, and now Nian Wei is going to marry that person, so Menglan can get what she wants? Strange, why don't they like Zuo Mingshan? Is it true that men are not bad, women do not love? I'm speechless. Through, there is no reason for the main text Chapter 8 Nian Wei married. Chapter Words: 3097 Updated: 07-12-27 02:58 After that, things came to an end without any suspense. Ten days before the coming-of-age ceremony of the four princesses, the father issued an edict that Nian Wei and the bodyguard, who was wrong, were the adopted son of the current prime minister, the beloved disciple of the general protecting the country and the young and promising assistant officer of Wu Kewen, who was the assistant officer of the current general of Mobei. This letter, broke the hearts of countless men in the capital. Inside the palace, the air was jubilant and everyone was happy. That is, when the moon goes down, the stars have a chance to shine. When the princess gets married, she has to move out of the palace. As the first princess of the royal family, Nianwei, within a month before her marriage, finds various reasons to visit the princesses who now live independently in the palace under the slogan of "brothers and sisters are one family". As one of my goals, my place certainly came a lot.
"It's really hard for you. Fortunately, there are not many princesses over twelve years old now. Otherwise, you will pay a high price for playing this chess.". It's your turn. Drop a piece on the chessboard, pick up the snack at hand, and make sarcastic remarks while eating. A woman who was about to get married looked up and gave me a white look. "Isn't it someone who strongly demands ordinariness?" The words fell and he continued to meditate on the chessboard. See you run so hard, otherwise, I satisfy you once today, to fulfill your wish? So that you don't have to suffer so much every day. I'm afraid that one day Wu's son-in-law will come over. The little girl is worried about her safety. Opposite the woman, looked up, triumphantly dropped a son, "come on, do not find a step for their own failure, today I will win this game." "The most important thing for a man is to know himself." I couldn't stand her arrogance, so I lost a son. In an instant, Sichuan Opera changed its face. Oh ~ ~ I forgot about this place. I can't. I can't. I've played several games with you, and I've never won. "Don't lose heart, sister, you see, you are proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Sister, I can play piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. I have to feel comfortable anyway." She looked up and glared at me angrily. "Garrulous girl, why didn't you find it before?" I raised my eyebrows and said with a smile, "There is a saying, 'It takes two to tango.' I didn't find it before." She said with a flat mouth, "I came back again in a roundabout way. It's really a calculating girl. It's really hard to take advantage of you." Nian Wei picked up a snack and said, "Is my sister going to live like this all her life?" I think it's good. Love may not enjoy, other, inside the palace I can live leisurely,plastic pallet suppliers, not to mention to the outside, sister you rest assured, sister how can I treat myself badly. "Suddenly I envy my sister." 。
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