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Fire and Ice Chef (5th Dec 22 at 12:53am UTC)
Rong Bing frowned slightly and said, "Why are you talking about this? In front of my younger brother and sister, you should restrain yourself." Except when facing Nian Bing alone, there was always a bit of coldness on his face. Enoch pouted slightly and said, "What are you talking about? Feng Nu, we don't pay attention to them. Tell me quickly how you mistook them at the beginning." Watching the two young girls sitting there and chatting, Melting Ice took out a book from his bosom and gave it to Nian Bing, saying, "Let them talk. Let's go out for a walk.". There are too many things these days, so I didn't come here. Nian Bing didn't read it. He put the book directly into his space ring and said, "It doesn't matter. You are a little prince. You have a lot of things to do." The two brothers said. Walked out of the hotel. Huayuan found a place to sit down in the hotel. When Nian Bing went out, he had already changed his appearance with a brooch. "Brother, you seem to have something on your mind!"! Is it because of Miss Enoch? Melting ice shook his head. Said: "Enoch is a good girl, although sometimes impulsive, but her nature is very good, political marriage can get such a good wife, I have been very satisfied.". I'm worried because of you! Now, some people in the family know that you are back. There are few people who advocate putting you under house arrest to find the whereabouts of the Stone of the Flame God. There was a flash of cold light in Nian Bing's eyes. "How did Prince Rong react?" He asked. "Grandpa didn't say anything," said Rong Bing. "He didn't approve or object. He just said it was urgent. You've been away for so many years. There are some things you don't know. The fight in the family is very fierce,Precision steel tubes, and there is nothing on grandpa's side. Father's excellence made other uncles never dare to think about it. However, the second grandfather and the third grandfather had several excellent uncles. They had a great desire for power. Now Grandpa is still alive, everything is not obvious, but once Grandpa is a hundred years old. I'm afraid all the contradictions will come to the surface. It's barely enough for Dad to frighten his peers. However, Grandpa 2 and Grandpa 3 are ten years younger than Grandpa. If they come forward, it's hard to say. Nian Bing frowned and said, "Brother,impact beam tubes, do you have to take part in this kind of family affair?"? Power is like floating clouds, and I prefer to live freely. Melting ice sighed and said, "If only I could be like you.". But I can't! You don't understand. There's a lot of power involved. Grandpa put me with Enoch. One of the important reasons is to let the father's family have a relationship with the royal family, so that they can respond in time when something really happens. Nian Bing thought about it, then suddenly raised his head and said in a cold voice, "Brother, in fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem." Melting ice looked at him in surprise? Do you have a way? "It's very simple," said Nian Bing indifferently. "Military power." Melting ice all over a shock, "you mean to say, let me seize the military power?" "Yes," said Nian Bing with a smile, "nothing is more real than military power. If you and uncle can hold the military power in your hands, who dares to touch you? If I were you, aluminium coated steel tube ,stainless steel 304 pipes, I would not stay at home now, but ask Grandpa for a transfer. The Knights of the Flame Lion are the direct descendants of Prince Rong, and they are absolutely loyal to Prince Rong. So you don't have to worry about them at all. The so-called authorities are confused and the bystanders are clear. If I guess right, most of the family are now aiming at the Knights of the Flame Lion. In fact, they are too stupid. As long as Prince Rong finally makes a decision, the Knights of the Flame Lion will absolutely comply, so there is no need for you to worry about the imperial capital now. Transfer out, but it is exercise for yourself, at the same time, also have the opportunity to contact more outside legions, and make good relations with these legions, in the future, whether you and uncle can take over the power of Prince Rong has a very important role. After listening to the words of the ice, the eyes of the melting ice shine brightly, "it's really a bystander!"! You're right. At present, only the Central Group Army is really under the complete control of our Rongjia. Sixty percent of the senior generals of the entire group army are under the control of Rongjia. Even I am a deputy commander of the Central Group Army. With the extension of time, although the power of Rongjia is also there, most of the other four armies are only in charge of some old subordinates of the collateral and grandfather.
Let me tell you briefly about the current power distribution. The Central Group Army is divided into three factions. Among them, my father controls one faction and is the strongest. The other two factions are controlled by the eldest sons of the second and third grandfathers respectively. Although their single strength is not as strong as my father's, they are much stronger together. It is because of this delicate relationship that everyone is asking for the support of the Knights of the Flame Lion. However, the eight golden lions of the Knights of the Flame Lion have not made a clear statement. According to what you said, I'm afraid they are neutral at the behest of Grandpa. But outside the three group army is not our family in the fight what, after all, they are far away from the emperor, our family internal strife can not spread so far, otherwise, your majesty will be aware of. Among the three major group armies, the Northern Group Army has the strongest combat effectiveness, and the Southeast Group Army is not much different from the Eastern Group Army. Because his father went to the north with his grandfather many times to fight, he befriended the senior generals of the Northern Group Army, and they all held his father in high esteem. When necessary, they will support their father. The present commander in chief of the Southeast Group Army is the Magic Commander Arc Light, who is very cunning and has always had it both ways. It's not from our family, so it's hard to say. As soon as I heard the melting ice mention the arc light, Nian Bing couldn't help interrupting: "Brother, you don't have to think about the southeast. I've seen the magic handsome arc light. He has some special hobbies. In my opinion, he is simply a southern chrysanthemum. A friend I know can be called the two chrysanthemums in the north and south.". If you were transferred there, with your looks. I'm afraid.. Melting ice listens to the whole body a burst of chills, laughed and said: "The special hobby of arc light has long been known to everyone.". But he is really very capable, can have today's position, is completely his own step by step to climb up, so, you must not underestimate this person,Cold Drawn Tubes, his ruthless is from the bone. Nian Bing, you haven't been harassed by him, have you? 。
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