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An Evil Teacher — — Chiyako (5th Dec 22 at 12:54am UTC)
An Evil Teacher — — Chiyako

There was still a bluish white halo on the cross of the necklace and even if you didn't touch it you could feel the heat it emitted The sadness on Eunhyuk's face was gradually released He smiled "This is good Even if you are alone you can protect yourself right" So I'm relieved I should be relieved " He muttered to himself stood up took one last look at the East China Sea and left lonely On the high wall at the end of the lane stood two long shadows in cloaks Sung-min did you see the scene just now "Yes Your Highness" "That necklace should Miscellaneous be the legendary'blood demon '" "It should be right" "So Chengmin do you understand what to do next" "Yes Your Highness" The man named Sung-min bowed slightly to his master and then quietly disappeared Twelve Twelve bet on honor to challenge you! It was one o'clock in the morning when Han Geng got home The room was so quiet that he did not dare to turn on the light so he crept in and took off his shoes More than five minutes He was startled by the sudden sound of Heechul's voice behind him He looked back and saw Heechul crouching on the sofa his eyes staring straight at him in the dark To his surprise Heechul who had completely restrained his breath could make him unaware of it In the past he would not have cared about these details at all but somehow since Siwon mentioned the name of Cinderella to him there has been an indescribable cloud in his mind What Han Geng's voice was a little hoarse when he spoke because the wind outside was very cold and his body had not yet adapted to the temperature in the room Time "Heechul pointed to the clock on the wall" I used to come back at one o'clock on time but today I'm five minutes late " "When did you keep vigil for me so carefully" Han Geng teased him Why don't you turn on the light Heechul jumped down from the sofa and walked up to him in silence then gently encircled his neck and sighed slightly Han Geng was in a daze Heechul has always been emotional but he has never been so quiet It seems to be deliberately suppressed which makes people a little worried What happened Han Geng lowered his voice Han Xifan refused to talk to me Heechul muttered "He would rather sleep with Ki-Bum than with me" Han Geng's head was full of black lines If he had known it was because of this reason he wouldn't have had to worry about him in vain Then you can buy more delicious food for him tomorrow Han Geng yawned took Heechul's arm off his neck and went into the bedroom Are you going to sleep Heechul did not give up and asked a question behind him I have to go to class tomorrow GlobalChemMall unlike you who can sleep late every day The sound has been separated by a door Heechul scratched his hair Actually that's not what he wants to say He wanted to tell Han Geng that Ji Fan who smiled like an angel had seriously challenged him as a blood killer and that the little devil who was only six hundred years old had said to him with a sharp look in his eyes that he would fight him He also wanted to tell Han Geng that he had been in a restless mood recently as if something was going to happen But when he saw Han Geng's calm face and tired expression he suddenly didn't want to say anything Maybe it's better to solve it by yourself Han Geng is not one of his people is he Han Geng closed his clothes and lay down but his mind became more and more clear All the sleepyheads before have disappeared Don't play insomnia with me at this time "Han Geng turned over and shouted in a low voice" In my mind I always saw the expression on Heechul's face when he approached him in the dark Something told him that maybe something had happened Heechul is not as neurotic as he looks on the surface In fact he is very sensitive but he seldom says it He suddenly sat up with some remorse in his heart If he had been a little more patient maybe Miscellaneous Heechul would have told him But in a twinkling of an eye he lay down again Why did he care so much about Heechul's mood It's been so peaceful for two years hasn't it But the body is still not obedient to get out of bed open the door and go out
He stood at the door of Heechul for a moment and heard the sound of even breathing inside Have you gone to bed He muttered to himself laughing at his worries As soon as I turned around I heard a low moan coming from the bedroom on the other side Not quite at ease he went over and knocked on the door and asked "Ki-Bum are you all right" No one answered But the breathing inside is getting heavier and heavier He knocked on the door again but there was no response He took a breath pushed the door in turned on the light and found that Kifan had rolled to the ground covering his chest sweating and still grinding his teeth Han Xifan snuggled up to him and kept licking his forehead Han Geng hurriedly carried him back to bed felt his pulse and was taken aback "Silver poison attacks the heart" Ji Fan raised his pale face and saw clearly that it was Han Geng He said nothing but reached out and pushed him but he had no strength at all What a stubborn brat! Han Geng sighed secretly and asked "How many times has this happened" Kifan was too painful to speak and only held out a finger So it was five days ago Han Geng thought about it and suddenly smiled "I think your breath is very familiar It turned out that the killer who was hit by a silver bullet that day was you" Ji Fan's pupils opened and he didn't expect Han Geng to see through his identity so quickly You've been poisoned by silver Do you still want to challenge me Heechul did not know when he had leaned against the door folded his arms and looked coldly at Ki-Bum Han Geng looked at Heechul then looked at Ki-Bum not knowing why "Challenge" What challenge 。
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