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The Army of Ace Special Operations Chases His Wife (8th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
Yan Tianxing:.. Don't eat? "Mmm." Yan Tianxing looked at her. The man was vexatious enough to get angry. It was the first time he had known her. I want two baked sweet potatoes, a corn, and a bottle of water. Mo Shangyun put his hand in his trouser pocket and raised his eyelids to look at him. Yan Tianxing paused for three seconds before he realized something. "I'm going to buy it?" "Or else?" Mo Shangyun asked as a matter of course. ……” I really owe her. Putting the maltose back to her, Yan Tianxing lifted the brim of her hat, looked at the little face that people could not refuse, and then crossed her to the stall not far ahead. Can As soon as he reached the front of the stall, he heard a cry of surprise coming from the rear. Almost subconsciously turned sideways, Yan Tianxing at that moment, saw the baseball cap off Mo Shangyun, raised his hand to touch the ear, and then with a very uncomfortable expression, jumped down from the river dam. In midair, with the most standard posture of entering the water, the water did not splash much. "Yan Tianxing, when you make me angry to death, dump the body here." I didn't bother to annoy you. Would you like to give me a convenience and dance by yourself? Yan Tianxing could not hear any sound for a few seconds, until he heard the "child" at a certain moment, he heard other sounds. In just a few seconds, the sound around him became more and more noisy. This way, this way. …… "Is the girl all right?" "It should be no problem. The posture of entering the water just now is professional." …… "I got the baby, I got the baby!" "Quick,ultrasonic handheld welder, quick, quick, find her a bamboo and let her pull it." …… I don't know when the tense nerves will gradually relax. Boss, two sweet potatoes and one corn. Yan Tianxing came to his senses and calmly said to the boss who was going to see the play. All right. Seeing the business coming, the boss answered disappointedly, and at the same time glanced at the handsome but hard-hearted man in front of him. People all ran to see the situation, this good young man, unexpectedly indifferent?! The world is getting worse! Yan Tianxing accepted the old man's gaze and contempt for no reason. In five minutes. Mo Shangyun carried the five-year-old child who had fallen into the water to the shore. As soon as the child who had choked two mouthfuls of water was thrown on the shore,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, she was taken away by her mother, who greeted her warmly. Mo Shangyun stood on the shore all wet, looking at the father of the child running over with a grateful face, thinking to himself: "Yan Tianxing, that picky bastard, maybe with her body of water, I really won't send her back." Thinking so, the father of the child had run over and grabbed Mo Shangyun's hand gratefully, saying in his mouth, "Thank you, thank you." Perhaps in order to express gratitude, the two hands grasped so tightly that Mo Shangyun wiped the water on his face and then quietly broke free from the red hands. You're welcome. It should be done. Mo Shangyun responded perfunctorily. At this time, next to a flash of light, Mo Shangyun squinted and saw a circle of people around the shore, each holding a mobile phone in his hand, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, either taking pictures of her or taking videos. Dude, can you delete the picture? Mo Shangyun raised his eyebrows and asked the nearest boy standing there. Because of standing close, Mo Shangyun looked up, the face clearly fell into the mobile phone lens, the boy heard only one look, but was immediately shocked by the delicate and beautiful face. No, sorry.. The boy couldn't help but jump up, answered in a panic, and deleted the photo with trembling fingers. You Mo Shangyun's long and narrow eyes narrowed and swept around with a half-smile, looking at the people gathered around him one by one. Somehow, those people were swept away by her smiling eyes, and they felt the cold coming from behind, shaking their hands, and consciously put down their mobile phones. Girl, I really don't know how to thank you. The father of the child took out his wallet in a panic, because he had a lingering fear, and his hand was trembling when he grabbed the wallet. Mo Shangyun froze for a moment. At the moment when the father took out the money, Mo Shangyun suddenly grabbed his wrist and made him put the money back with a little force.
She lowered her head slightly, lowered her voice, and said in a voice that the father could hear, "Uncle, I'm a soldier, and that's the way it should be." "Huh?" As if he had not expected that the young girl in front of him would have such an identity, the father was confused. Serviceman? He looked up and down at Mo Shangyun. This fine skin and tender meat. This looks like a star. Apart from that short hair, he can't imagine anything else. That's all Mo Shangyun loosened his hand, walked past him, and went straight out of the crowd. Passing by the crowd, Mo Shangyun's eyes flashed and he caught a glimpse of one who was still taking pictures, frowning. But the next moment, the young man had a hand on his shoulder. Seeing the man standing behind the young man, Mo Shangyun restrained the light at the bottom of his eyes. The man raised his hand, a black hat flew over, Mo Shangyun hooked his lower lip, stretched out his hand, and grabbed the hat in midair. The wrist turned a direction, the baseball cap was put on the head, slightly pressed down, the eyebrows were covered. This unexpected scene of tacit understanding, so that the onlookers around can not help but be stupefied, feeling that this scene was not recorded, and then curiously looked at the person who had just thrown the cap to the heroine. At that moment, the young man, who had been grabbed by the shoulder and could not break free, turned his head angrily. What do you do? Before he had finished speaking, he saw a pair of dark and dangerous eyes, and the young man subconsciously swallowed the words. The mobile phone in his hand was taken away, and he didn't realize it. He felt as if he had fallen into the ice cellar,ultrasonic metal welding, and his whole body was cold. Less than five seconds later, all the photos he had just taken were deleted, and then the phone was thrown into his hands.
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