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Defiant to the seventh (12th Dec 22 at 1:22am UTC)
Defiant to the seventh
When I came to my senses, I had already walked to the fountain, and I didn't know why I suddenly left. Sitting by the fountain for a long time, I finally found that I was so hungry that I looked at my watch and had been sitting for an hour. I don't know if there's anything to eat when I go back now. As soon as I got up, I found the white standing in front of me. Touching my eyes, she blushed slightly and said, "I can't find my way.." Poof. I couldn't help laughing and pulled her to the fountain. "The hall is full of adults. Shall we go later?" “…… Fine She thought for a moment and finally nodded reluctantly. My name is Yu Wenche, and you? "Ning Ran." Then there was silence. I'm going back, and my brother will be worried. After sitting for a while, bored, she finally could not bear to stand up. All right, I'll take you there. "Ah-" just ready to leave, who knows that the fountain suddenly erupted, drenched us all over, looking at her wet appearance, I can not help laughing out. Ha ha ha Seeing that I smiled, she was stupefied and then laughed: "Xiao Che, you look good when you smile, like a doll." “……” It was the first time we met. When I was ten years old, your white figure was deeply impressed in my mind. Then I went to France and came back eight years later. Stepping into the first day of M University, I recognized you, still so love to smile, but there seems to be something behind that smile, I can not see,Narrow aisle rack, but I know, in fact, you are not as happy as you appear. You have completely forgotten me, I have not taken the initiative to talk to you, it is a stubborn heart, stubborn refused to admit that you simply do not remember me. In the past year, there have been a lot of rumors about you. I have heard and laughed. I know you are not like this. Still later, when I met you in the temple of the underworld,Pallet rack supplier, I recognized you at a glance, and I was glad. Now, I touched your hair lying in my arms and asked, "Xiao Ran, do you remember when you were ten years old?" "Hm?"? I ate Shrimp Fried Rice tonight. You murmured a few words half asleep and half awake, rubbed in my arms, changed your position and went back to sleep. I love you I smiled, and I knew how to eat, glutton! "Don't grab it, it's mine." I don't know what dreams I had and what delicious food I ate? You don't know if you dream about me? "Xiao Che is mine." Don't grab.. You are still talking in your sleep, destroying the romantic atmosphere. I suddenly laughed and felt warm in my heart. Enough.. [Demon City Chapter-Follow Life] I, Yin Sui, 21, a student of the Music Department of M University. Because of my beautiful appearance, there is no shortage of women in my life. How many women and even men throw themselves into my arms as long as I look at them? Until I met her, an awkward woman who was not straightforward, I was really defeated. Bored summer vacation, Narrow aisle rack ,Drive in racking system, so hot, I still stay at home, do not go out to warm up, the enthusiasm of those women, it is too much. So I chose the Palace of the Underworld, the game that Yuheng (my brother) has been playing. It is said that he is also very famous there. His name is Lian Zhen. I play the piano on the Black Mountain every day. I heard Yuheng say that I have become a famous old demon of the Black Mountain. With a noncommittal smile, the Black Mountain old demon? That's a good name. No one has seen me since I disappeared, and I know that the group of uninvited guests appeared. Also met her, claiming to be enchanting, actually not very enchanting little woman, not straightforward awkward little girl. Enthusiastic girls, reserved girls I have seen, as long as I smile at them, each like a demon automatically sent to the door. That's how awkward it is. I've never seen it before. Mingming is very infatuated with me, but he doesn't admit it. This gave me a fun, teasing her, became my daily compulsory course, looking at her face red, but not convinced, it is really funny. Perhaps, really as Xiaoran said, I have a little psychological distortion? On this day, surprisingly got up early, thinking that no one would be there, but found the enchanting who set up a stall at night. Hum, why do you want to set up a stall when you are so rich? He is really a little person who can make careful calculations.
"Boss, how much is this?" Pretending to be a customer, he lowered his voice. As expected, the person who was dozing off suddenly perked up and smiled. Welcome, this handsome guy is really a good eye ah, this. Oh, it's Qingcheng. Don't make trouble! Go play the piano! After seeing me, the smile on my face stiffened in an instant, and my face was full of dissatisfaction. I guess I was thinking: Let people be happy! I sat down beside her, and it was rare for me to try the fun of setting up a stall. So, I was very happy to find that all the people gathered on my side, and she had no business at all. It is not so much that there is no business as that there is no business at all. She was completely buried by such a large stream of people. Hello! Qingcheng, what do you mean? As expected, she blushed and pointed at my nose and shouted. Hum, hum, hum, set up a stall. I suppressed my smile and gave her a beautiful smile. *** you. It's called a stall? What kind of stall do you set up, a pork stall? He rolled his eyes, packed up his things and turned away. When I saw her leave, I quickly waved back a group of people around me and followed her. Hum, hum, hum, the little demon walks slowly. Don't follow me! Go to soak your MM! The tone was full of sour and gunpowder, and I couldn't help raising the corners of my mouth. Don't be so cruel. Where are you going? Take me with you. She stopped in an instant, turned around and glared. It was supposed to be a very dignified action, but because I lost my strength at my feet, I threw her directly on the ground. ……” "Uh.." It's not my fault. Indeed,heavy duty warehouse rack, it was an accident. ……” Her face was red, she pushed me away and patted the dust on her body and got up to continue walking. I'm going to the Valley of the Medicine King to collect rare treasures. Come if you want. "Hum, are you asking me out?" "You said you were coming!" So I was satisfied to see her pointing at my nose and roaring with a red face.
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