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Powder makeup seizes the plot (12th Dec 22 at 1:26am UTC)
Powder makeup seizes the plot
Su Fengnuan looked at him, so many days, he was so thin that he almost fell down when the wind blew. Since she returned to Beijing, his body, with what a tough soul inside, has done one big thing after another, so that others can only see that he has been injured repeatedly, but can not see that he has done those means and schemes in secret, covering up his ability under the appearance of injury. Although she knew clearly in her heart, she could not bear the torment of his repeated injuries, which made her feel distressed and helpless. She could not bear the torment of her feelings being clenched so that she could not breathe and dared not breathe for fear of cracking. After a long time, there is always a time when you can't stand it. A few days ago, it was one thing for him to be angry about her cheating Elder Martial Brother to get married. Today, it is another thing for Lin Zhixiao to express his heart to her by wearing peony flowers. If this relationship is not curbed, there may be more things in the future. Time is the most merciless thing, if it goes on for a long time, it will always wear away the good, leaving only resentment and bad. She did not want to become like that, she thought, Ye Chang should not be willing, should not be the closest two people hurt each other. Ye Chang finished drinking a glass of water, handed her the empty glass, and lay back on the bed without saying a word. Su Fengnuan looked at him, she had long known, this life, if she can bow to who, can take who no way, also Ye Chang. From childhood to adulthood, he had the ability to make her helpless to him. She raised her hand and threw the cup on the table. The cup fell gently on the table and made a very light sound. She thought that since he didn't want to talk, she would talk about it another day and let him calm down first. She reached out and pushed him. "Sleep inside and make room for me." Ye Chang Wen Yan moved his body inside. Su Fengnuan lay next to him on the outside of the bed and closed his eyes. After a moment, when she was about to fall asleep, Ye Chang said in a low voice,coltan ore processing, "Su Fengnuan, you are going to give me up by saying this, aren't you?"? You don't care about me anymore, do you? You hate me already. You've had enough of my temper, haven't you? Su Fengnuan stretched out his hand to hold his forehead and said gloomily, "You misinterpreted what I meant. I mean, isn't it good for us to be the same as before?" Ye Chang calmly whispered, "How to be like before?"? You mean that you will leave Beijing to travel as before. Jianghu is your favorite place, and Beijing is your inn. Do you come back to Beijing twice a year as before and stay for a few days? Su Fengnuan shook his head. "Not really. Now I can't get away. I always have to stay in Beijing. I'm talking about our relationship. It's the same as before. It's good to be like relatives. There's no need to be closer together." Ye Chang slanted his head to look at her. "What you mean is that you married me that day and said, 'You are husband and wife, and you love each other.'" Don't count? Su Fengnuan pursed his lips and said with a headache, "Is it so important to be husband and wife?"? Ye Chang, our temperament is too similar, how far do you think we can go? "One day in the future, perhaps it will be because we are tired of looking at each other. Why bother?" Ye Chang pursed her lips. "Are you so insecure about your close relationship with me and your life as husband and wife?" Su Fengnuan nodded and said, "For so many years, magnetic separator machine ,gold heap leaching, we have boasted that we know each other, perhaps not as well as we thought.". You have lived in the capital for a long time, and I have lived in the countryside for a long time. I have different views on many things. I think it's a small thing, but you think it's a big thing. I think it is a big thing, but you think it is a small thing. Apart from this, and perhaps others, there will be differences. How can it last long? Ye Chang opened his eyes and slanted his head to look at her. "So?" Su Fengnuan also opened his eyes and slanted his head to look at him. Indeed, he said seriously, "So, let's go back to the past!"! All right? Today you pulled my mother into the palace to give marriage, may have a lot of pique in the bottom of my heart, but fortunately the prince had an accident, the marriage did not succeed, then can pull back at the brink of the precipice. Ye Chang is silent. Su Fengnuan said, "I will help you choose another good marriage. Maybe you don't like her so much, but as long as she doesn't annoy you, has a good temper, a good temper, gives in to you everywhere, obeys you, obeys you, it's already very good.". It is not impossible to find such a woman in the world.
Sun Qingxue of the prime minister's mansion looks very good to me. I thought it would be very good if she was my sister-in-law, but I thought if she could marry you, with her character, I would be very relieved. Ye Chang's face suddenly changed. Su Fengnuan saw that his face was ugly and immediately said, "Of course, if you don't like Sun Qingxue, other women who you look at are still barely pleasing to the eye, naturally it's OK.." Ye Chang suddenly said angrily, "If you say you want to choose another good marriage for me, then you will choose another marriage, right?" Su Fengnuan thought about it and said, "It depends on the future. If anyone can barely get by with me, I'll choose a marriage. It's okay.". At present, I don't think I will choose anyone. It's a matter of the future. Ye Chang suddenly sat up and stared at her. "You're dreaming!" He said angrily. Su Fengnuan saw that he was in a hurry, thinking that this matter had become a knot that could not be untied? She also sat up and said to him in a slow voice, "Don't be angry and don't worry. When I say this, I think it's good for both of us.". Now you may still be angry and not calm, so let's not talk about it. You are tired, I am also very tired, wait for me to wake up, still want to go to prince mansion, this matter another day you calm down, we say again. Ye Chang looked at her angrily. "In another year or ten years, I won't be able to calm down." Su Fengnuan looked at him in silence. "You really don't listen to me at all. Do you have to make us tired of looking at each other before you feel satisfied?" Ye Chang said angrily, "Su Fengnuan, from childhood to adulthood, what things have you given up easily?"? How many of those difficult things did you get for me? No matter who knows, I'm afraid everyone feels that it's more difficult than climbing the sky, and it's hard to imagine. And you did it all. Why do you give up so easily when it comes to the relationship between you and me? From childhood to adulthood, even if you like me, you don't want to marry me,chrome washing machine, and now, because of these two things, you easily use them as reasons to say that you will be tired of looking at each other for a long time. 。
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