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Queen of Rebirth Sugar (12th Dec 22 at 1:27am UTC)
Queen of Rebirth Sugar
"After drinking tomato juice, you won't feel dizzy, which is better than taking antialcoholic drugs." He smiled. Uh Tang Xin answered softly, drinking tomato juice cleverly. Wang Jerry looked at Tang Xin cleverly drinking tomato juice, but felt that she was somewhat different, but what in the end, but can not say. Are you sure you don't want to tell me what you did tonight? He still asked, because he really didn't like that he didn't seem to understand her and her feelings. ……” Tang Xin knew that this could not be concealed, so he simply told him, "I took a job as a translator.". Today, I went to a cocktail party with my employer, a Korean, as his translator. "A man?" He asked. Uh-huh "You're at a cocktail party?"? What cocktail party? He was going to get to the bottom of it. Call, the opening reception of the Commercial Development Cooperation Fair in a city. She said lightly, then raised her head and looked at him quietly. A business cocktail party?! His eyes widened and he stared at Tang Xin again in disbelief. He suddenly remembered, as if since she was sick, her whole person has become very different, before she, even in the community to see him, dare not say hello to him, will only smile shyly and walk away quickly, then she, like his sister, made him feel lovely, but that time she woke up to his unbridled look and obvious doubt,Amber Dropper Bottles, he was very happy. Let him be displeased by her presumptuous eyes, but also ignore that her temperament had changed at that time. And the gym encounter, her amazing dance, even he could not help but stop and immerse himself in the charm of her dance, and then, after she bathed, he deliberately appeared, all her performance is not what Tang Xin used to do. He knew that she had lost her memory, but he wondered how a person who had lost his memory could be reborn and even have a clean temperament. Just like today,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, even though I am very angry about her dress and drinking, I have to admit that she is very beautiful, charming and sexy today. In the eyes that used to be smart, now there is more wisdom, wisdom and mystery, which makes people unable to move their eyes as long as they look at her. Only then did he discover that Tang Xin was no longer the sister next door, but now she is a standard woman, a charming woman, a sexy woman. He couldn't help noticing her, couldn't help approaching her, and made him think. Think Think about what?! Jerry Wang reacted, stunned and flustered to restrain his thoughts, afraid that he should not think of it. And Tang Xin, who has been staring at him, is now completely enjoying his complex and wonderful expression. Strange. Didn't you know she was going to a business cocktail party? Why are you so surprised? Jerry?” Tang Xin called softly. Ah Jerry snapped back. What are you thinking about? She asked with a laugh. Nothing, nothing. Jerry answered in a slight panic, but when he saw Tang Xin staring at him curiously with bright round eyes, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, he felt guilty and could only get up unnaturally. After a few dry laughs, he asked, "Have you finished?"? Can the head still be dizzy? Tang Xin shook his head, not so dizzy. I have to go home. She said. Oh, I'll take you home. …… At the entrance, Tang Xin bent down to hold the wall with one hand and changed into high-heeled shoes. Suddenly, when putting on the shoes, Tang Xin suddenly leaned to Jerry beside him, and was still dissecting and analyzing his own ideas and then stopped them. Wang Jerry, who was concentrating, obviously did not expect this to happen suddenly. He only had time to protect Tang Xin, but had no time to stabilize himself, so when they fell to the ground together, it was already a classic posture for women and men. The softness of his body and the faint fragrance of Tang Xin's body made Jerry Wang feel sleepy, a wonderful and strange feeling he had never had before. But Tang Xin lies awkwardly on Jerry's body, his hands against his chest, the hot and strong tentacles so that her heart can not help but palpitate, she looked up at Jerry, is facing his eyes. Deep eyes like a pure hot spring around Tang Xin, Tang Xin's body in such warmth unconsciously put soft, so silly to fix, can not move their eyes.
Jerry saw that Tang Xin did not get up, then looked at her strangely, but Tang Xin with hazy eyes so that he could not extricate himself, he felt that he had never seen such beautiful eyes, he was fascinated, has been lying, let Tang Xin press. Jerry Tang Xin whispered softly with emotion. Sexy voice so that Jerry's body can not help but tremble, the body suddenly tightened, he with a bit at a loss, looking at the moment extremely charming sexy Tang Xin dare not speak. Until Tang Xin's soft lips finally approached, gently attached to his, all the tension seemed to be expressed, his arms tightly around Tang Xin, Tang Xin kissed Jerry's lips with a subtle sense of satisfaction, she could not help but stretch out the pink uvula, gently describing his lips. Feeling his obvious trembling and suppressed murmur, she smiled enchanting and tightened her hands around his neck, deepening the kiss. Slippery little tongue arrogantly into his mouth, swept his palate and gums, but was reluctant to dance with him. Jerry was so angry at her teasing that he could only suck her hard after chasing her in every way. Hum ~ "Tang Xin can't help but a Shen Yin, let Jerry finally can't suppress to send out a low roar, holding Tang Xin to turn over and press on her body.". Tang Xin arched his body, hooked his neck with both hands, and responded positively to the kiss. Lee Seung-ki's suit had long been torn apart, but Jerry only tried to respond to the kiss, his hands struggling to support Tang Xin's side, not daring to touch her body, even though he wanted to. Tang Xin feebly wants to smile, can only take the initiative to take his hot palm, put on his chest soft, the softness of the tentacles easily beat Jerry's self-control, once grasped, they can not stop kneading hard. Mm-hmm.. .. Ah "Tang Xin by his fiery and passionate touch can not help but Shen Yin, legs can not help but tighten friction,Blue Bottle Serum, is emotional.". All of a sudden, a beautiful spring room.. Until, Tang Xin's mobile phone rang suddenly.
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