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My Lost Classroom in High School (12th Dec 22 at 1:27am UTC)
My Lost Classroom in High School
Hearing this, Xiao Xun immediately sat up and put on a lovely look at Xia Xuan and said, "Xiao Xun will never make Xiao Xuan angry!" Xia Xuan took a breath and sat up straight. He touched the back of his head and said, "Xiao Xun, please don't be so excited when you appear next time, or my head will be broken." I want to eat! I'm hungry, and I need water! I'm thirsty! Xiao Xun pulled Xia Xuan's arm and cried like a spoiled child. Xia Xuan shook his head helplessly, took out bread and water from his travel bag, and handed a pile of lollipops to Xiao Xun: "You sit there and eat, don't affect me!" Xiao Xun happily held the food and sat on the side desk to eat, while Xia Xuan sat back in his seat and continued to spell the note. These notes were found by Xia Xuan from Zhang Ting's "gifts" to her classmates. She also believed that this must be a clue left by Zhang Ting on purpose. But the problem was that the words on each note could not be understood. Even if they were spelled according to the tear marks of the paper, they could not figure out the meaning of the content. It seemed that they were not right before and after. She was so anxious that she scratched her head. Seven out of the ten questions are all wrong. Hearing Xiao Xun's words, Xia Xuan looked up and found that Xiao Xun had taken away her exercise book at some point, and licked the lollipop and said: "And these physics homework are all wrong." As he spoke, he took out a pen from his pencil box and corrected it on his exercise book. Hey,L Methylfolate Factory, you don't know what's right or wrong. Don't mess up. Xia Xuan rushed over to stop Xiao Xun, but when she saw Xiao Xun's words, she was stunned. His handwriting is very beautiful, and his writing expression is quite serious. As he wrote, he told Xia Xuan. He calculated very quickly and spoke very quickly. Xia Xuan didn't understand at all, but she couldn't believe the answers that had been changed in the exercise book. Xiao Xun was able to change all the questions she had done wrong in just a few minutes,Glucono Delta Lactone, and it seemed so correct. How did his brain grow? "How can you do my homework?" Xia Xuan has doubts. I don't know, but this kind of problem is so easy that I feel I can do it very early. Xiao Xun licked the lollipop again with a completely indifferent expression. And you are Genius? Xia Xuan looked at him enviously, she really wished she had such a brain, she immediately took out chemistry, language, history. She took out the exercise books of almost all the courses. "Can you help me look at these and see if you can help me finish them?" Xia Xuan suddenly found that she had picked up a "treasure", and this "treasure" can make her relaxed a lot, no longer need to touch the homework that makes her brain dizzy. Small search is not ambiguous, pick up and do it, and do it very fast. Xia Xuan's face showed a happy smile. Ten or fourteen "gifts" A slender figure slowly came out of the corridor under the bell tower, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and the moonlight slanted on him, reflecting his clear and handsome face. Baililan looked at the teaching building, although there was no window on the first floor to see the situation in the classroom, but he always had a feeling that Xia Xuan was there. From "he" last night to today's daytime behavior, it seems not very normal, which is also the reason why Baililan came to "him", he wants to know what happened to "him". Walking to the corridor, Baililan immediately heard Xia Xuan's voice, which was full of amazement and obviously less sadness. Baililan walked slowly towards the classroom. When he reached the door of the classroom, he gently pushed the door open and saw Xia Xuan at a glance. "He" was holding his chin on the desk with both hands, but his eyes looked to the side with worship. Is there someone next to you? Baililan pushed the crack of the door open a little more, and this time he finally saw the man sitting beside Xia Xuan. A boy about his own age, is a very good looking boy, he is bowing his head to write something, his face is full of confidence, and when he looks at Xia Xuan, his eyes always show a unique look. Baililan gawked, his eyes suddenly became deep and weak, in this moment, he did not know what kind of feeling he was, but that feeling came too fast, too strange, so that he simply could not distinguish.
He put down his hand gently and said to himself, "So you already have …" A new friend.. His eyes seemed to be covered with a thin layer of fog, in which there was an indescribable loss. He turned feebly and walked out of the teaching building. The moonlight shone on his lonely figure, and he knew he was going to. Insomnia. Xia Xuan suddenly raised her head and looked at the door of the classroom. Somehow, she always felt that someone was looking at her just now. Maybe it was an illusion. She didn't think too much about it and received the homework that Xiao Xun had finished for her neatly in her schoolbag: "Thank you.." Suddenly she thought of something and said, "Xiao Xun, you have to do me a favor!" "Xiao Xun will do whatever you want him to do!" Xiao Xun said happily. Xia Xuan smiled and pointed to the fourteen notes he had been spelling on another desk and said, "I can't spell these notes well. Can you help me spell them?" Without saying a word, Xiao Xun stuffed the lollipop into his mouth, went over and looked at it twice and began to put it together, and in less than ten seconds, he put the fourteen notes together. Ok Xia Xuan opened her mouth in surprise and did not know what to say. She had been stunned by Xiao Xun: "You." Did you really spell it? She looked in disbelief at the fourteen pieced together notes on the table. Ok? I'm fine. I love the clock. I love the sound. Is it noisy in the building? The sound of holy water is very noisy, will wash away,Quillaja Saponin, waiting, where is the stain of the world? Will you be able to get there and wait for it? The other side of my love. 12·1212 Xia Xuan could not understand the meaning of these words: "What is this?"? What clock? What holy water? These sentences don't seem to make any sense. Xiao Xun didn't say much. He picked up a pen and crossed the words: "Cross out the repeated words, and then you can read them." "In the bell tower." Holy water washes away the stains of the world.. You can reach the other side. Xia Xuan nibbled his lower lip. "Is it related to the bell tower?"? But what do the following three same numbers mean? 。
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