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The little barbarian woman catches the beautiful m (13th Dec 22 at 2:45am UTC)
The little barbarian woman catches the beautiful man
Jing Nu was frightened to be stupefied for a while, really only for a while, because according to my reliable estimation and calculation, she was only stupefied for three seconds. Three seconds! She broke the record. She was stunned for four seconds last time! Man is really a terrible animal, and he can evolve in practice. Maybe next time she can give me a new surprise? I secretly planted the seeds of mischief in my heart, hoping that one day it could blossom evil flowers and bear evil fruits.. Er. How did I become Satan? I am a lovely little angel! I shook my beautiful head, drove the evil devil out, and then, in a sweet voice, "Jing Nu ah ~ ~" I heard this sweet cry, the first to give up a body of goose bumps. What are the requirements? Jing Nu's face was expressionless, and he looked like a strong man who would never return. I secretly extremely unhappy, what is it ~ ~ I do not want you to die! >_< "I want to go out ~ ~" the edge acts like a spoiled child, the edge pulled up the sleeve of Jing Nu to shake ah to shake, squeeze ah to squeeze. Be back before dark! Jing Nu reported the low line. Good, good! Let's talk about it after going out, then you can't do anything about me. The wishful thinking in my heart is so fast. Unconsciously, I dragged Jing Nu to the wonderful fairyland with mountains and rivers outside the city. I feel that the tense nerves have relaxed a little these days. At the same time,disc air diffuser, deep in my heart, I yearn for that touch of blue. Giggle But there was no one there for a long time. 5555555555555555 the last time I said goodbye, but I forgot to make an appointment. It's not easy to have a handsome man who seems to be a little interesting to me, but. What sin am I doing here? The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. I grabbed the stones and threw them into the stream, scaring the poor fish away. Don't blame me. Blame that dead little blue! Is it possible to connect with him? "Smelly people, rotten people,Wall Penstocks, bad people, dead people." I mumbled. Small Jing Nu's voice disappeared in the middle of her speech. Little what little? I was very angry. "Didn't I just throw a stone?"? What's all the fuss about..? I did not look up, did not look at Jing Nu, continue to swear, continue to play from Zhou Xingxing there learned to scold. Until a pair of strong arms encircled me from behind, and there was a warm exhalation in my ears. I was so excited that I tried to break free, but it was useless. My heart was full of fear. When I was about to scream, a familiar voice sounded in my ear. Do you miss me? This voice is with so much spoiling, so much missing. Surprised, I turned my head and looked at the source of the voice. It was him-Wanyan Wing! I suddenly felt my face burning like a tomato, right? I wonder if the ancients ever saw tomatoes? Is it realistic to use my face as an example? Thinking about it, I couldn't help but be in a trance and burst out laughing. Are you making fun of me? Wanyan Yi pulled me to him and seemed a little angry. What kind of song is this? How dare this kid have persecutory delusions? "No, MBR reactor ,fine bubble diffuser," I laughed. "I just didn't expect someone to be so hungry." "You?" Wanyan Yi realized that he had been taken in. And I blushed. HOHOHOHOHO…… Are you shy, too? I am very proud, the beauty has this ability, so that the handsome man can not help it. I turned my head, uh.. Jing Nu was obviously touched again. Her petrified body was obviously combined with the beautiful nature. She was trying to stare at me and the master of the culprit, and the sight of me hugging the man made her eyes shocked, angry, incredulous, and "eyes" for help. Ada, on the other hand, was still dressed in black and bowed his head. I looked at Wanyan Wing again. "Oh.." I giggled, "I like to be held by handsome men, but I don't like to be visited." Wanyan Yi smiled and told Ada to take good care of Jing Nu and picked me up. Then we left the stream quickly. It's really flying fast! We are flying, otherwise how can we finally sit on the branches more than ten meters above the ground? Could it be that this is the legendary flying skill in martial arts novels? Wow! I looked at Wanyan Wing with worship on my face, and I guess my eyes are full of stars shining because of worship.
I want to learn. However, I really don't want to fall off the tree and become a lump of mud, holding Wanyan Wing's clothes tightly with both hands. Wanyan Yi seemed to know what I was thinking, but he didn't want to take me down the tree. He just put his arm around my waist. 55555555555555 eating my tofu this way? 555555555 55 555, although I am very happy to be eaten by handsome boys, but. Seeing that I wanted to speak and stopped, Wanyan Yi smiled wantonly. What? What are you singing now? I murmured in my heart. I'll tell you a story. The laughter stopped, and Wanyan Yi said seriously. I'm all ears. Twenty years ago, there was a very beautiful and virtuous woman from the Central Plains who lived on the border. One day, the king of the clan went out hunting and met the woman. He was amazed at her beauty, so he took her back to the palace of the clan and possessed her. Originally, she was so ashamed that she was ready to commit suicide, but the king took good care of her, and she gave up the idea of death. However, the royal family could not tolerate the existence of the Central Plains woman, so they did not give her any status, but she did not care, because she had fallen in love with the alien king and could not leave him. Soon, she was pregnant with a child, and she was full of joy and longing for the future. However, the king's freshness towards the Central Plains woman had passed, and he ignored her. Therefore, the people in the palace abused her even more wantonly, but she did not care, she firmly believed in the person she loved, so she survived. Finally, she gave birth to a son,Rotating sludge scraper, but she also died of dystocia. Twenty years, twenty years! Wang did not go to see the child. It was not until later that he realized that he had only one son left and remembered the existence of another son. And the first thing he remembered was to send his son to the Central Plains to be a proton! To ensure the safety of his own country and his own, and the throne of another son! 。
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