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But you are a fool. (13th Dec 22 at 2:53am UTC)
But you are a fool.
Jian Suiying had no intention of guessing what he meant. There were so many men and women who had all kinds of meanings for him from childhood to adulthood that he couldn't count them all. He didn't necessarily appreciate them all. He was just willing to help the little boy he liked. 71 71, Chapter 71.. It was better for him to be accompanied by a person who served him than to stay alone in a cold apartment of more than 300 square meters on the upper and lower floors, so Jane Suiying swaggered to stay at Xiao Zhu's house for another night. He felt that Xiao Zhu's character was much more cheerful than before. He used to be a little afraid of him. He always lowered his head and dared not look at him. He could hardly take the initiative to speak. Now he can express some of his views while watching TV with him. This kind of Xiao Zhu is much more interesting than him with only a beautiful shell. After the end of the relationship between money and flesh/body transactions, they can now get along with each other as naturally as acquaintances. When sleeping at night, two people sleep in a bed, but they are covered with quilts, Jane Sui Ying's mind is full of things, not in that romantic mood at all. After daybreak, Jane Suiying asked for Xiao Zhu's phone number and left. He has not been to the company for several days, he can not be cheated by the small white face, has been so depressed. Life, whether good or bad, has to go on. If he can find something to do, he won't always think about Li Yu. For more than a year, his employees seem to be accustomed to him not coming to work from time to time,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and the company is still running well, which makes him feel better. The two bastards just pulled out a hair from him, which was not painful at all. Why did he bother to make himself uncomfortable over and over again. Without Li Yu, he is still a proud and arrogant Jane Sui Ying. There are many boys in the world who are more beautiful than Li Yu. How can he hang himself on the tree of Li Yu. Chien Sui-ying repeatedly untied herself. No one will help him, and he can't help himself. After a busy day, he made an appointment for dinner in the evening and brought Secretary Liang and an executive surnamed Tang. The meal lasted for more than two hours. Chien Sui-ying and several other bosses talked happily. He usually refrained from drinking too much wine when eating,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and most of them were blocked by the people around him. This time, he had no scruples. He should drink and toast. After a meal, he drank more than four taels of white wine. Secretary Liang and General Tang had never seen their boss so desperate, and today they were not big shots, so they didn't have to drink so hard. Secretary Liang stabbed Jian Suiying several times, hinting that he should stop drinking. Chien Sui-ying turned a blind eye and had the posture of getting drunk. She was afraid of the other side. After three rounds of drinking, Chien Sui-ying knocked down the bosses one by one. Finally, Jane Suiying was also driven to the car drunk. Secretary Liang drove the car, and General Manager Tang also accompanied him back to the apartment. On the way, Secretary Liang was afraid that he would vomit, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide price, so he left the window open. As a result, he blew the cold wind all the way and woke up a lot. He just had a terrible headache and collapsed in a chair with his eyes closed. The two people on the bus thought he was asleep. General Tang whispered, "What's wrong with the boss recently? He's a little depressed. It's the first time I've seen him like this for so long." Secretary Liang looked at Jane Suiying from the rearview mirror. She was a thoughtful woman, and more or less knew that the relationship between Jane Suiying and Li Yu was unusual. The reason why they were in the hospital at the same time that day was that it was easy to guess what had happened. Combined with her boss's present situation, could she not know what was going on. Just know is know, she can't say anything, can only sigh way: "Maybe work is too busy recently." Is the boss under too much pressure because of the land on the Fifth Ring Road? The meeting will be held in a few days, and I don't know what the result will be. Secretary Liang felt that General Manager Tang was probing her. Jane Suiying's performance on this matter is too confusing. The executives who can go to the meeting are guessing his mind, guessing whether he wants to do it or not, and then adjusting his opinions according to his boss's wishes. I can't guess what the boss is thinking. If you do it right, you are lucky. If you do it wrong, you can only admit your bad luck. Of course, they all understand that Jane Suiying has her own considerations.
Whether he has made up his mind about this matter or not, he can't be too active. If this piece of land is profitable, it is naturally because he has made good decisions and operated well. If there is any problem with this piece of land, Jian Suiying can also say that it is not his decision alone, but the decision of the board of directors. He is the minority obeying the majority. In such a delicate situation, Chien Sui-ying is naturally not convenient to expose his position too much, can win the favor of the boss, you have to rely on their ability. Although Secretary Liang is Chien Sui-ying's personal secretary, she is limited by her position and cannot participate in such an important decision. Even if she can, or she knows what Chien Sui-ying is thinking, as a well-trained and wise woman in the workplace, she will never say anything. Secretary Liang said with a smile, "Yes, I really don't know the result. This is a big deal." General Manager Tang was a little disappointed, so he stopped talking. Two people drove the car to the underground garage of Jane Suiying apartment, Tang always called a security guard to come over, intending to put Jane Suiying into the elevator. Unexpectedly, as soon as the car door opened, Jane Suiying came out by herself and said with a big tongue, "It's all right." I can walk by myself. Secretary Liang hurriedly held his arm for fear that he would fall to the ground. So he walked smoothly to the elevator under the careful watch of the three men. The three men all wanted to send Jane Suiying into the house quickly, and then they were done and went back to their respective places. I didn't think I had just inserted Jane Suiying's key into the keyhole, but the door opened from the inside. Xiao Li? What are you doing here? Tang always unknown, did not expect to see the boss's assistant here,calcium nitrate sol, and the boss even gave him the key to the house? Secretary Liang took one look at Jane Suiying and found that his face was flushed. He stared at Li Yu and his breathing became heavy. She was a little nervous. She was afraid that Jane Suiying would lose her temper in front of so many people. "Xiao Li, Jane is always drunk. If there is anything, you can talk about it another day." 。
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