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Cang Feng (13th Dec 22 at 2:54am UTC)
Cang Feng
"What did you say?" Thinking that he had misheard, Liu Huai asked with a smile. Xiao Fei said in a low voice, "Your Highness is going to be a father." Liu Huai opened his eyes wide in surprise. The hand on the table suddenly became my fist. His expression was dignified. He asked, "Who did you hear that from?" Frightened by his appearance, Xiao Fei was stunned for a moment and then hurriedly said, "Yes." That's what his wife said. "Wife?" Liu Huaiyi raised his voice again and said, "Why didn't I know he had a wife?" "The imperial concubine said.." said Xiao Fei. Liu Huaiyi raised his eyebrows and said, "What big imperial concubine?"? Do you know who that woman is? He said this, frowned, as if his goal on the offering body, and Liu Chaohai every day to find themselves, spend a lot of time, at this time think of it, only to find that the recent own too careless, the bottom of my heart can not help but admire Murong shallow well-intentioned, using Liu Chaohai to trap themselves. Xiao Fei did not know what he was angry about. She looked carefully at the man in front of her and said, "She said." She said that although she had no status now, she would be the queen when she sat on the throne. When Liu Huai heard this, she raised her eyebrows and said with a sneer, "She wants to be beautiful." Glancing at Xiao Fei, Liu Huai took a breath and asked, "Did she say that herself?" Xiao Fei gave a low "hum." Liu Huaiyi hesitated and asked, "What does she look like?" He thought he had no reason to stay in Murong's house for so long without knowing that he had a woman, and that she was already pregnant. Xiao Fei is stupefied, say: "Very beautiful woman, stature and I are about the same, the skin is not very white, but very healthy." Liu Huai frowned,dap diammonium phosphate, thinking that this is not the same as not saying? He looked at the sky and asked, "Can you draw it?" Embarrassed, Xiao Fei shook her head and said, "I'm sorry.." Liu Huaiyi sighed to himself, turned his head and looked out of the door. "When was she here?" He asked. Concubine Xiao said with a smile, "Your Highness will let the princess-to-be come if there is anything he wants to know, except when the Third Royal Highness sends someone." Liu Huai took a look at Xiao Fei and did not speak. Xiao Fei looked at Liu Huaiyi and said, "She and I are like sisters, but I can hear that Your Highness seems to have someone else he likes." As soon as Liu Huaiyi was interested, he said, "Oh," with a bit of interest in asking for gossip in the corner of his eyes. Xiao Fei said, "Although I don't know who that person is, it seems that she has a good relationship with the prospective princess, so the prospective princess said she was very embarrassed." Liu Huai lowered his eyes and did not speak. Xiao Fei added, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, "Every time she came, she would talk about Your Highness. About half a year ago, she began to look for me. At that time, she said that there seemed to be less time to look for her in the Great Hall. Then she came before, but she didn't come recently." Liu Huai frowned and asked, Recently? When was it? Xiao Fei thought for a moment and said, "About half a month ago." Liu Huaiyi frowned more tightly. An idea flashed through his mind, but his intuition was eliminated by him. But the feeling of uneasiness seemed to linger. Liu Huaiyi stood up and suddenly said, "I'm leaving." "Huh?" Xiao Fei felt that she could just talk to the man in front of her, and she didn't want him to leave so soon. Xiao Fei was favored by Xuancang's emperor when she was sixteen years old, but she knew that what the emperor liked was the loneliness and helplessness in her eyes because she could not fly high. What the emperor appreciated was her temperament that she was unwilling to admit defeat even if she was scolded, not her person. After that, she occasionally saw the painting from the emperor's study. The man on it, as beautiful as a fairy, fascinated her deeply. She thought that the man was probably a person that the emperor cherished very much. Later, when the emperor was drunk, he took her for someone and hugged her by mistake. As a result, Murong Yang was born. At that time, she clearly remembered that the emperor shouted "wind" or "phoenix" in his mouth. She did not know what kind of person it was. But in such an unbearable night, she could be gratified that she had accidentally got the painting.
For so many years, she had been collecting the painting well. She knew that the emperor had vented his anger on many people, including his brother, because he could not find the painting. But she did not want to think much about it. She gazed at the gentle man in the painting every day, the man like the spring breeze. She knew that she could not desire anything. But she was content to meet the man in the painting even for a moment. She had just seen Liu Huaiyi, who looked like the man in the painting, and at first she mistook him for the other, so she shouted, "It's you.". But soon she knew that she had mistaken him for someone else. Liu Huaiyi in front of her was less gentle and more arrogant than the man in the painting. The man in the painting was like Spring Equinox, gentle but seemed to leave no trace. So Liu Huaiyi was like the autumn wind, sometimes warm, sometimes cold, elusive, but with a strong sense of existence. The man in the painting is gentle and impeccable, but under Liu Huaiyi's delicate face, there seems to be a very simple existence. Xiao Fei has been thinking about the man in the painting for many years, but for Liu Huaiyi, she has a stronger desire to help each other and to remember her. Liu Huaiyi got up anxiously, and his eyes flashed a trace of doubt. He looked at Xiao Fei, who was staring at him. There was still a desire in his eyes. Although he did not understand what the other party meant, he faintly understood that the other party wanted to see him. Liu Huaiyi blinked confusedly, thinking: Isn't it that most people should hope not to meet again? What else does she have to do? As Liu Huai thought about it, Concubine Xiao stood up and said, "Mr. Liu hasn't said what he wants his concubine to do yet." As soon as Liu Huai heard this, he suddenly realized that he had just remembered something and felt uneasy, but the most important thing was that he had forgotten it. Although he had not thought that he would meet Xiao Fei on this trip, he had not thought that the person who poisoned her would be Xiao Fei,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but since he had met her, it seemed unreasonable not to use it, and it was a waste of a good medicine.
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