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Turn into a daughter (13th Dec 22 at 3:28am UTC)
Turn into a daughter
The mother could not help laughing out loud, touched the hair of the white night, asked her husband to bring the things he was carrying, and began to chatter: "Well, my little night is the most sensible and the best.". Come on, mom and dad brought a lot of food, now to take good care of Saya's body, the doctor said that hormone treatment for a few days, depending on the situation, soon began the operation. Surya took out an apple and peeled it for her son to eat. Bai Jinfeng turned on the TV in the single ward and tuned to the music channel that her son usually liked to watch most. The family began to gossip warmly, as if they were not in the hospital, but in their own small living room. Chatting, the middle nurse came in and gave Bai Ye an injection. After a while, the medicine with sedative ingredients began to work, and Bai Ye fell asleep. When I woke up again, I felt a deeper change in my body. I had a dull pain in my lower abdomen. The little brothers below were already as weak and small as bean sprouts. What was more terrible was that the breasts were slightly swollen and painful, as if a hard core had begun to grow inside, bringing out the feeling of gradual bulging. Is this the effect of the estrogen injected on the doctor's advice, or is it a natural change in the body after that day's mutation? Unable to accept this change calmly, Bai Ye even hoped that the operation would be completed quickly so as to get rid of the embarrassing situation of neither male nor female. There seemed to be a familiar voice speaking outside the ward, and the white night quietly got out of bed and approached the door, and the voice began to become clear. Jin Feng, Saya will really become a girl. "I know,stainless steel tile trim, Ya, it's already a reality, and it's good that Saya's life is not in danger." Surya's voice began to cry a little. "Can't you raise that much money?" "I can't tell you the specific reason for borrowing money. There are not many people who are willing to borrow money.". Alas, fortunately, only 40 thousand, or use the house as collateral, it is still possible to borrow money from the bank. "Well, no matter what, we can't agree to their request to disclose Saya's illness. We must keep it secret." "Of course.". All right,tile trim factory, I'll go to Saya School to find their headmaster again. Saya's studies must not go wrong. You go in and accompany him. Don't worry. Everything will be all right. White night quickly trotted back to bed and covered the quilt. The door was gently opened, the white night side head pretended to sleep, the fist in the quilt, has been pinched tightly. To live well, to make their own career, to let mom and dad live a good life, no longer let them worry about. Surya, full of worries, did not notice his son pretending to sleep, but fixed his gaze on his son's side face, his eyes red and red, and finally sobbed in a low voice. When the mother's cry gradually subsided, the white night could not help but pretend to yawn, and then slowly opened his eyes. By this time Surya had quickly wiped away her tears and looked at her son with a gentle smile. "Mom," Bai Ye said softly, "I feel my body has changed a lot, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless tile trim, or I can start the operation tomorrow." What he thought was that the hospital was very expensive, and it would be better to stay as few days as possible. Silly child, "Surya touched her son's hair habitually," how can you rely on your own feelings? Listen to the doctor's arrangement. Don't worry, wait a few days, it will be all right. "En," Bai Ye leaned his head against his mother. "I listen to my mother." He was afraid of stimulating his mother and decided to speak less. All right, good boy. Su Ya paused and said, "Saya, your male classmate in your dormitory called. Mom answered it for you. I said we had something to do at home and we had to ask for half a month's leave." "Well, there's an explanation for them, too." Speaking of this, the white night heart is actually very worried, if really male to female, then what identity should I live in the future, this study can continue? What is Dad going to discuss with the headmaster? But he didn't want to tell his mother about these worries, at least, for the time being, he could put them aside. Mother and son began to chat again. The youngest daughter of Aunt Wang's family next door is too naughty to go to kindergarten. She falls every day. The price of pork has finally dropped a little recently. The government is still good. Now the TV series are getting less and less interesting. The actors are really fake. In short, they are all not nutritious, but the white night is full of warmth.
Surya followed the doctor's instructions, picked the topic very carefully, and tried to talk about something relaxed and idle, hoping to help her son relax. It's not easy for this child to suffer so much. Volume 1: Twenty-four Bridge Bright Moon Night Seven Times: Let Me Bless You for the Last Time In the hospital for preoperative recuperation, has passed three days, the body of the white night changes very fast, fast beyond common sense, so fast that a group of experts are puzzled. In the end, the experts managed to come to the conclusion that the female system had mutated and matured. They carefully recorded the pathological changes of the white night and classified them as extremely special cases. They simply prepared for a long-term fight against doubt. However, no matter how unreasonable the speed of maturity of the day and night female system is, the operation must be carried out. White night standing in front of the big mirror in the ward bathroom, the heart is really uncomfortable and suffocating, accepting the fact is one thing, can see the mirror that can be called a monster, really have a kind of impulse to smash the mirror. The man in the mirror has the face of a sunny teenager, but his skin has changed from a healthy wheat color to a delicate white. The broad shoulders are slightly gathered and the muscles are cleared, but you can still see the obvious lines. The six-pack in the lower abdomen is very beautiful, but when you look down, the thing between the two legs is very small. Of course, what is more strange is that on the chest of this comely young man, there are two small protuberances as big as pigeon eggs, as if two tumors had grown on the beautiful jade. In the words of White Night: "Thief God, it is uglier than the shemale." White night did not dare to look down, busy with secretly torn clothes pulled into cloth from the chest to the waist tightly wrapped in a circle, and then put on long jeans and long-sleeved T-shirt, see in addition to some white, some thin and not much difference with the past, then a little relaxed exhaled, pushed open the door of the bathroom, greeted his mother: "Mom, I went to school, will be back soon." In order to go to school before the operation,china tile trim, she fought with her mother for a long time. Although she was worried about her son's health, considering the psychological pressure his son had to bear, Surya finally agreed.
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