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The Beggar Bride of the President (3rd Jan 23 at 12:30am UTC)
Ji Da reporters did not give them a chance to slip away, give full play to the spirit of clinging, and immediately catch up with them in front of them. A group of onlookers saw that the good play began to be staged and immediately shifted their positions to watch the performance. Who said that Chinese people like to watch the fun is absolutely true. There are more and more onlookers, and they are more interested in this topic. What the hell do you want? Now Fu Ping is bored. I'm just going to visit Miss Fish. Are all journalists so tough? Yu Yi remembered that it was funny when he was pestered by Charlie in the United States. At first, he hated him, but later he became a good friend. Thinking of Charlie, she still missed him a little, wondering how he was doing now. The reporter in front of us is more difficult than Charlie. Look, he is not a celebrity. There are so many people coming to see the show. If the celebrities who are left out now see this scene, they must feel inferior to others. It seems that if today is not what he wants, he can't leave here. Well, if you have anything to say, ask quickly. "Excuse me, is Miss Fish a beggar in the United States?" "Not exactly." She was misunderstood by Charlie as a beggar,hydraulic fitting supplier, but if she hadn't met Charlie, she might have been a beggar herself. Why does Miss Fish have the idea of going abroad? "Make money." "Does Miss Fish's parents know?" "I don't know." At that time, Yuyi did not tell them, if they knew, where she could go,brass tube fitting, but now it is difficult not to know. Then came a series of questions from Ji Da's reporter. Hey, did she not pay back the money she owed him in her previous life? It was not easy to end his interview. Now the crowd in the audience began to ask questions. Miss Fish, how much money did you make in the United States? "Miss Fish, have you met any famous people in the United States?" "Miss Fish." "Miss Fish." A series of questions, Yuyi can't stand it. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have come back. It's not her fault. I should blame the person who let the wind out. He didn't say who knows these things. Now she's surrounded by the crowd all the time. If she knows who let the wind out, she'll kill him. She's so miserable. I don't know what life is like today? Is it black or white. As she had expected, Yuyi's life had been very, very bad since she returned home that day, and she didn't dare to go out at all these days. I remember the last time she went out for a stroll, needle valve manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, as soon as she stepped out of the door, a group of people came around, scaring her to turn around and run home and close the door. She can't stand such a day. Even sometimes her parents have to go out secretly. It's really harmful to others and themselves. When will such a day end? If I had known, I would not have gone back to China. Yuyi turned on the TV in boredom. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to.. Bang, Yuyi turned off the TV again. What's the matter! The TV has her exclusive report every day. Don't those people get tired of watching it? Chapter 12 Unexpected Visitor It's so annoying that she will be driven crazy if she goes on like this. Someone is knocking at the door when Yuyi is sulking. Who are you looking for? Yuyi asked politely. The other party was a middle-aged man who did not look like a reporter or a person who had nothing to do in front of her house, but he looked so familiar that she could not remember where she had seen him. Why don't you let the guests in? Said the comer with a smile, looking amiable to Ge. Yu Yi invited the middle-aged man into the house, pouring water and taking cigarettes, and he did not understand why he was so attentive to the strangers in front of him. After finishing the work, Yu Yi also came down to chat with the middle-aged man. They felt like old friends at first sight. They obviously forgot the age gap and the important point that they had just met. By the way, Uncle Qin, I haven't asked you what you're doing at my house yet. Yu Yi suddenly remembered that he had forgotten about it, and if Qin Bo had something urgent to do, it could not be delayed. Do you know who I am? The middle-aged man did not answer the rhetorical question. The girl was really confused. They chatted for a long time before she thought of asking what he was doing in their house.
"Didn't you tell me your name was Qin Qiang?" The fish is puzzled to ask, does he have another name, or he is not to recognize relatives! "Let me get this straight. I'm here to talk to you about what you did in America." They've been talking for so long and now they're getting to the point. You Is Qin Bo a reporter or a relative? He seems to be a little old when he is a reporter. Reporters have to run around every day. I'm afraid he can't stand it. Recognize relatives, he does not seem to be like himself, but he looks very familiar, and even the name seems to be often heard somewhere, Yuyi tried to think about who he is. Suddenly Yu Yi thought that he had not seen Qin Qiang's name on TV! Seemed to be a famous director, she was shocked, the director personally came to visit, absolutely no good thing, but the famous director is much more friendly than on TV, perhaps will not embarrass her, thinking of this she can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, do not know what the director wants to talk to her? "I'm sorry the director didn't recognize you." "You'd better call him Qin Bo!" It doesn't sound friendly to call the director. You should know something that has caused a storm in the city. The director went straight to the point. Those people are really bored and always like to meddle in other people's affairs. Said the fish with displeasure. Everyone is envious of it. There can be such a magnificent legendary event. What does it matter to them if I go to America? She just went abroad, and she didn't commit murder and arson. Did she break the law? We want to write a script about this experience. "Writing a script?" "Well, at present, the public's response to your deeds is very different. We think we should take advantage of the hot iron to make a movie, and the box office will definitely be the best." Businessmen's interests are money, and for directors,38 needle valve, it is their greatest wish to make movies that audiences like. I need to consider. She didn't think of writing her story as a script. We have also decided that you will be the leading lady. The audience should want to know the real hero, which is a big selling point. "Me?" Yuyi pointed to himself in surprise. Yeah, it's you. Qin Qiang looked at her and nodded.
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