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I'm really rich. (3rd Jan 23 at 12:38am UTC)
Mingyi was kicked, did not dare to speak, and immediately sat down on the cold stool. Officer Huang asked him some questions, probably about why he was here, why he was in love, who was the woman inside, and so on. Facing the police officer, Mingyi dared not say anything, so he had to bite the bullet and answer. At first, he was calm, but the more he went to the back, the more excited he became. I said I'm not a love deal! I didn't buy it! I didn't get a little card either! I told you I didn't have it! I said I.. "What are you shouting?"! Be quiet! “……” …… Shi Xing looked at Ming Yi and gently shook the goblet. After the original owner and Mingyi were together, they soon got married, and when they got married, they did not graduate. Now he has been married for almost two years, and Mingyi is only twenty-three years old. Ming family originally economic conditions are very good, Ming Yi is also spoiled to grow up, the only setback is Qiu Xue. Looking at Mingyi and Officer Huang quarreling and quarreling. Unlike the men she had met before, she was really a young man full of vigor. Of course, he is also a scumbag. But the more like him, the easier it is to like people like Qiu Xue. Gentle and kind, as tolerant as his sister, and at the end of the novel, Mingyi also grew up with the help of Qiu Xue and became a real young man. It's a pity that the original owner didn't do anything,naringenin price, but in the end he bore a bad reputation of "obstructing true love". When Xing was thinking about it, he suddenly heard Officer Huang raise his voice and seemed to quarrel with Mingyi again. You said nothing happened? Then why did you do this in Miss Shi's room with another lady in her room? We have checked, and this room is indeed booked only by the young lady. "I said nothing," Ming Yi said, "I don't have that kind of relationship with Qiu Xue!" "Not to mention whether you are in that kind of relationship, breaking into other people's rooms is enough to put you in prison!" "I said I didn't break in!" Mingyi finally could not help but stand up. He was spoiled to grow up, did not suffer any grievance, and Qiu Xue finally together,jujube seed powder, but now misunderstood, he simply can not swallow this tone! And put him in jail? He didn't do anything! Ming Yi pounded the table and shouted, "I said I didn't break in!"! No means no! "What about the evidence?" "I can't say!" "If there is no evidence, I will arrest you." "All right, I said it!" Mingyi paused, but he couldn't hold back, and finally shouted. "I said yes!"! I'm married to Shi Xing, so I didn't break in! …… …… Couple Couple All the police officers on the scene were stunned! Even Officer Huang could not control the surprise on his face. Just now when he asked Mingyi questions, Mingyi's answer has been unsatisfactory, he knew he was intentionally hiding something, but he did not think. This is what happened! He understood why Mingyi answered so covertly, and why Mingyi insisted that he had not broken into the house, and he finally understood. Why did Miss Shi call the police to wipe out pornography! Your husband and other women, clapping for love in their own suite, this kind of thing. The policemen looked at each other and had a hundred points in their hearts, but they did not dare to say it. They could only turn their heads and stare at Mingyi, their faces full of disgust and disgust. Officer Huang was confused by the sudden truth, turmeric extract powder ,ghana seed extract, but when Mingyi said so, it meant that it was a family matter. At this time, apricot is definitely not an ordinary family, it must be a daughter, if this matter is spread out, it may not have any impact. He hesitated for a moment and glanced at Shi Xing. From the beginning to the present, this beautiful young woman is not affected by anything, she sits on the sofa, leisurely drinking red wine, no matter how noisy Mingyi is, no matter whether Mingyi tells the truth or not. She sat there gracefully and did not speak with a faint smile. As if it wasn't her business.
The golden tube hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Miss Shi, Miss Shi, I would like to ask Mingyi and you, really." Is it a couple? Apricot rubbed the rim of the red wine glass and chuckled, "Yes." "Then.." Then this is your family's business, you two husband and wife, do you want to first. What about discussing it? Apricot raised his eyebrows, and before he could speak, Mingyi hurriedly ran over. He knew that what he had just said was indeed a little anxious, but if he did not say it, he would be arrested for breaking into people's houses, although the Ming family would settle it for him, but if it got out, it would not be pleasant to hear. Besides, he didn't break into Shi Xing's room at all. They were husband and wife. How could it be called breaking into! But this said, indeed also has the influence, said and Qiu Xue did not do anything inside, certainly no one believes, now the only way to calm down. Perhaps only when the apricot. And now the good opportunity is here, he hurriedly came over and said to Shi Xing, "Shi Xing, Officer Huang is right, this is our family affair, no matter what, you can't call the police directly.". And He paused and whispered, "Apricot, Qiu Xue and I are not what you imagine. We'll talk about this at home. You let the police officer go back." "Wouldn't it be nice to call the police?" Shi Xing smiled, "How positive energy, how in line with the law and how normative it is to assist in the cause of anti-pornography." "You!" As soon as Mingyi choked, his anger rushed up. In the past, apricot was not like this, she would always listen to his words, he usually never pay attention to her, but as long as a little sweet talk, apricot will be too happy to speak. And now, why doesn't she listen to him?! Ming Yi said angrily, "I said I would go back and talk about it.". What's in it for you to call the police? You suddenly find out about this, hate me, want to embarrass me, yes, I understand. But He said angrily,tannic acid astringent, "Do you think you are not affected?"! Your husband was found to have something to do with other women, and when it reached other people's ears, you thought you could be alone. "Of course not." 。
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