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Mahamudra (9th Jan 23 at 1:28am UTC)
Lei Qilang laughed and jumped out of Linbo Building. The six-armed Dharma King sighed slightly, and at that moment his mind was calm and calm, and his mind was raised to the boundless realm. At that moment, a whisper of conversation came from the room. The six-armed Dharma King was stunned and listened attentively. It turned out to be a conversation between Zhong Yushuang and a man, who was undoubtedly Su Xiaohun! As soon as the six-armed Dharma King had this feeling, he immediately raised his ears and listened attentively. Zhong Yushuang asked, "Little Soul, you.." Are you all right? "Well..". Yeah, and.. OK The voice of Su Xiaohun came. You Can I ask you something? "Of course." Su Xiaohun coughed for a while and then said, "What..?". What's the matter? In the room, Su Xiaohun winked at Zhong Yushuang. Zhong Yushuang pretended to shake his head and sigh, pointing to the top, indicating that the six-armed Dharma King was on top. Su Xiaohun smiled, nodded, and wrote the three words "ask Tantrism" with his finger. Zhong Yushuang understood and said, "At that time, during the Sangsong Dynasty, Tibet was dominated by Bangjiao.". It was not until the time of King Halatutu Lianyezhen, the King of Tibet, that it was introduced from Tianzhu in the extreme west. At that time, many Tianzhu Buddhist masters, such as Shantarasitha and Kamalasira,ultrasonic spray nozzle, as well as the most famous Bodhisattva, came to translate many sutras and Tantra. Zhong Yushuang sighed and said, "The names of those masters are so strange." Su Xiaohun smiled and said, "The three Bodhisattvas of Beima are known as Padmasambhava in the Central Plains." In this dialogue, the six-armed Dharma King at the top could not help nodding his head in appreciation. Su Xiaohun this boy is really well-read, even this allusion also has some understanding, at the moment, then listen attentively. Zhong Yushuang asked, "What is the secret code of Zitro?" Su Xiaohun said,ultrasonic cutting machine, "The Esoteric Canon is composed of four Dharma books.". That is to say, from behavior, practice, yoga to supreme yoga. Only the practice of Supreme Yoga can teach and save one's original mind with the method of meditation. That is to say, the nature of not moving the mind makes the mind return to its nature. "What about Mahamudra?" Zhong Yushuang sighed. Su Xiaohun coughed for a while and then said with a smile, "There are many names of Mahamudra, such as Mahamudra and Empty Music.". But among them, the Mahamudra of Light is the highest Mahamudra method in Tibet. In addition, in the old school of Nimaba, it is also known as "Dzogchen", and the Sakya School is known as "Wheel Tweezers"! As a matter of fact, they are all the actual practice of the same Dharma body of Kaihao and the bright mind. Zhong Yushuang thought deeply and said, "Just now, did you see the big handprint of the six-armed Dharma King?" Su Xiaohun nodded and said, "I saw the moment he saved you." "What is it?" Asked Chung Yu-shuang. Su Xiaohun pondered for a moment and said, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, "In the past year, Master Milarepa was attacked by the Tianmo Baruo. He once sang the Song of Knowing Cause and Effect to save the demons.". The six-armed Dharma King's action just now probably had such a state of mind. Otherwise, the ninja would have died long ago! Zhong Yushuang exclaimed, "Is it so serious?"? What is the song of knowing cause and effect? Su Xiaohun smiled and said softly, "Salute my teacher Malba.". There are many demons annoyed by the wrath, and the fire has not yet ceased? Your body is empty without obstacles, your heart is bound by trouble! Habits entangle the root and there is no freedom. Worry is burning and damaging all living beings. It damages and annoys others and eventually harms itself. If cause and effect are not bad, who can get rid of the result of different maturity? Below, Su Xiaohun's voice is getting smaller and smaller, as if he had fallen asleep. The six-armed Dharma King is sitting under the moon. At this moment, he feels that his mind is clear, and all his worries have become great and free. As soon as I read this, I couldn't help laughing. Sun Zhen has received a report of Qianlong's whereabouts. He smiled coldly and said to Bai Chuan, "Who is in charge of the area around Jisong Mountain and Wusheng Pass?" Weng Baichuan said respectfully, "Lord Zuo Chaofeng Tan will lead the Thirteen Taibao Swords to sort out the old troops of our alliance near there." Sun Zhen died a cold death, saying, "Pass the order down and kill Qianlong at Jisong Mountain." When Qianlong stepped into Jisong Mountain, he felt a chill coming from all directions. Qianlong sniggers, his grandmother, assassinate this thing, but Lao Tzu is the ancestor! Qianlong snorted coldly, and as soon as he raised his body, he stuck to a tree trunk, connected three or four turns, and was already hidden in a big tree, looking around. In the dark, I saw a man in his forties commanding a dozen swordsmen to set up an array. Boy, it's Zuo Chaofeng who is making trouble.
Qianlong was very clear about the giant owl in the green forest in front of him, because the man in front of him was one of the six altar owners under Sun Zhen in the past, and Qianlong wanted to get rid of him. As soon as he read the jade, he raised his body and fell lightly behind Zuo Chaofeng, lying close to the ground. Then, unexpectedly used the former loess heavenly king's skill of escaping from the earth to approach Zuo Chaofeng step by step. Zuo Chaofeng is quite confident about his Thirteen Taibao Sword Array. As long as Qianlong appears, Thirteen Taibao can destroy at least half of Qianlong's power. For the rest, Zuo Chaofeng can lift a finger. As he thought about it, he could not help feeling proud and immediately became famous all over the world! Of course, Zuo Chaofeng never dreamed of the pain of being silently touched by Qianlong Prajna Mianzhi Zhongtianzhu Heavy Point! Zuo Chaofeng looked back in horror and saw that the man behind him was Qianlong. Trembling way: "You ….". You How is that possible? At this moment, thirteen swordsmen rushed to the scene. Surrounded by them, Qianlong smiled at Zuo Chaofeng and said, "Aren't you surprised?" Zuo Chaofeng was speechless, but he just wanted to stay away from Qianlong so that the knife array could be launched. In his ears came Qianlong's sneer and said, "Elder brother, I will let you die clearly. What I used is the earth escape method of the former Lord of the Loess, 'no earth on the ground'." Zuo Chaofeng exclaimed, "Isn't the Lord of the Loess a member of the Dragon and Lotus Sect in the past?" "Not bad!" Qianlong said with a smile, "It's just that half a year ago I fought with the old loess man in Zhao Renyuan's garden, and I traded him for this set of martial arts." Zuo Chaofeng sighed and said, "There is such a cheap thing in the world.". I'm afraid you let him live at that time. Qianlong laughed and said, "Not bad!"! Too bad you didn't get smart until you died! Zuo Chaofeng drink, to retreat,ultrasonic dispersing machine, already less than. He saw a flick of Qianlong's fingers, trying to move to avoid a tremor all over his body, and then fell to the ground with a black eye.
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