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Return of the God King of the League of Legends (9th Jan 23 at 1:29am UTC)
When Yan Xiao saw Xiao Feng's words, he also raised his eyebrows. He had just said that Xiao can was on the way, and there was another one who was not on the way. Small wind on the first floor, the tone is so tough, certainly will not give up the position, is it possible to let the summer kite to assist him?! Are you kidding me? Xia Kite is his (assistant). How can he play assistant for others casually?! Thinking of this, Yan Xiao typed directly to show his position, "I hit the assistant, she hit.". Feel free. Since he could not let Xia Kite assist him, he had to wronged himself, and he wanted to see how capable this little wind was. Passers-by teammates and Xiaocan saw Yan Xiao's words and breathed a sigh of relief. If Yan Xiao refused to give in, they really didn't know what to do. Passers-by teammates chose the single position, while Xiaocan went to play wild. What is this little wind?! How dare you rob the ADC?! "With the shadow? "Yes, yes, Shadow Kill and Kite Sister are a pair. Is it really good for Xiao Feng to get involved by force?!" "Why can't people choose ADC!? On the first floor?"? A stupid fan of the sup team?! There was no conflict between Yan Xiao and Xiao Feng, but the audience watching the live broadcast could not sit still. They were directly divided into two factions, one supporting Yan Xiao and the other supporting Xiao Feng. However, those who supported Yan Xiao still had the upper hand. After all, the reputation of shadow killing was still there. Xiao can directly became the one who was ignored. He somehow played ADC. This was still his live broadcast room. Why didn't anyone think of him?! Rao is speechless in the heart, Xiaocan can not let the audience so quarrel, after all, in his live broadcast room, they so openly quarrel for other men, it seems inappropriate?! Xiaocan showed a trademark gentle smile to the camera and said, "The position has been determined. They don't have any opinions. Don't care too much about it. Let's focus on the game. I believe it will be a wonderful game." Under the mediation of Xiaocan, the mood of the audience gradually calmed down, of course, the most important thing is that they saw the opposite ID, and began to discuss the game warmly. To tell the truth,water filling machine, small can see the opposite ID also think he just that sentence is right, such a strong line-ups, as expected will be a wonderful game, and small can heart inside also feel secretly glad, fortunately he did not play ADC, otherwise this is not to make a fool of himself?! Also do not know the ADC of small wind can go, but think to have the assistance of Yan Xiao, should not be too miserable. Chapter 345 I am a wandering assistant (third watch). "Such a luxurious line-ups!"! Four pros on the other side! I think it's difficult for Xiaocan! "Master Chan, can you play wild or not? The opposite side is not a professional player. Whether you can carry or not depends on you!" Small can see the audience's public screen content is also helpless smile, his wild can be strange, although the opposite wild is not a professional player, but somehow is also a king, but also the main play wild, how can he play ADC?! But what the audience said is actually very reasonable, Vegetable oil filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, the opposite player in addition to this wild, none of them is easy to bully, and one is more horrible than the other, the single is the running water of the blue sky team, the single is the holy gun of lbTM, if this is nothing, then the next road is really terrible, the strongest combination of the strongest team in the country, dark and knight!! It's really a pity to say that although Yan Xiao and Xia Kite are not members of the team, we all know that their partners are very strong, and we want to see how strong their strength is. There are also viewers who will compare them with the strongest combination of Diablo and Knight in China. It's not easy to have a chance, but they were robbed of ADC by Xiaofeng. Have no chance to see the strongest downroad collision. Like Xiaocan, Yan Xiao also had a moment of absence when he saw the dark ID.
Diablo can be said to be his strongest opponent in the current domestic professional circle, but God seems to be deliberately playing tricks on them, twice in qualifying, he did not get the ADC position twice, doomed not to have a real contest with him? Perhaps the time has not yet come. Strong players like them are destined to compete on the field, not in the ranking. However, their lol contest has not yet started, but the emotional contest has already begun. Yan Xiao saw Diablo's ID and said jokingly, "Diablo is on the opposite side. Do you think he will deliberately release water when he sees you here?" Xia Kite heard Yan Xiao's words, slightly frowned, Yan Xiao's tone of relaxed teasing did not know why she was not very happy in her heart, but she did not show it, just lightly answered, "He won't." Maybe if it was the former Diablo, but since that one-man show, he shouldn't be. That time Diablo gave up his solo show for Xia Kite, instead of making Xia Kite happy, he made her angry. She told him that his behavior was an insult to e-sports. No matter who his opponent was, he should do his best. Diablo also promised her that such a thing would not happen in the future. Yan Xiao naturally did not know the secret, he only knew that when he heard Xia Kite's firm tone, he could not keep his relaxed state, and his stomach of acid water immediately gurgled out, "You know him!" Hearing the words full of sour taste, Xia Kite's previous haze mood was swept away, and even his lips could not help smiling. He thought this guy didn't care at all. He just pretended to be relaxed for a long time. Xia Kite held back his smile and deliberately said, "Yes, we grew up together, and naturally we know each other better." When he heard Xia Kite's words, he didn't jump up from his chair. He grew up together. Why didn't he say he was a childhood sweetheart?! No, no, he can not eat at this critical moment, to know that dark and summer kite grew up together, the relationship is still so salty, not to prove that he actually has no chance, he can not be confused at this time. Thinking of this,Edible oil filling machine, Yan Xiao tried to calm down and said, "I know you are old friends, but you can't deliberately release water just because you are friends!" 。
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