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Black-Dumb House 4 (9th Jan 23 at 1:34am UTC)
Xia Zelan pursed her lips, and a sense of expectation rose in her heart. Would she be invited to have a meal later? There are people coming and going like this. But she saw the young jade cutter wipe his hands with the square towel at hand, take out a brocade box from his bosom and put it in front of her. Miss Xia, this is a thank-you gift for the next meal. But how about opening it after I'm gone? Lu Zigang spoke very seriously. Xia Zelan met his deep eyes, a heart pounding, can only nod and promise. With this talk and laughter, the gap between the two people melted like ice and snow, and soon broke the convention of eating without talking, chatting while eating and drinking. Xia Zelan left Suzhou for many years, naturally hoping to know something about Suzhou. Although Lu Zigang is not the original goods, he is familiar with the memory of his past life, and answers Xia Zelan's questions watertight, and because he is actually erudite and talented, his speech is different from that of ordinary people, more like a scholar that Xia Zelan admires, which makes the latter's beautiful eyes stop again and again. When it was already dark, Xia Zelan lit the lamp oil on the round table, and the noisy restaurant outside the courtyard wall made the courtyard even more silent, Lu Zigang suddenly thought of an imminent problem. He had peeked at the speed of the compass needle before, and estimated that it would be at least until the early morning when the needle returned to its position,Brushless Gear Motor, so where would he sleep tonight! Penniless, he can not even go to the inn, and reluctant to pull down the face of Xia Zelan to borrow money. After eating a top-class meal, he didn't want to sleep on the street. Lu Zigang thought for a long time, and finally decided to be shameless once, drinking and pretending to be drunk. Xia Zelan looked at Lu Zigang drinking sweet-scented osmanthus brewing one after another, and finally fell asleep on the table. How could she forget to tell him that the sweet-scented osmanthus was full of stamina? She had no choice but to clean up the mess of the table,Vending Machine Motor, and then called Lu eldest brother, Xia Zelan tried to reach out and push each other, but there was no movement. Eyes fell on the only brocade box left on the table, Xia Zelan bit her lip and hesitated for a long time, and finally could not help reaching for it. The moment he opened the brocade box again, Xia Zelan gasped. Even in the dim light, she could see the wonderful carving of this pair of bracelets, and a pair of hollowed-out jade bracelets were placed side by side, with the intention of connecting the branches. Even if you are a fool, you can understand the affection contained in the other person's ingenuity. Can not help but pick up a jade bracelet in the hands of play, Xia Zelan see clearly inside the bracelet Zigang money, involuntarily blushed cheeks muttered: "Zigang.." Lu Zigang. Lu Zigang was woken up by the noise, he was confused for a moment, only to find that he was pretending to be drunk, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and later really fell asleep on the round table in the yard. As he sat up and the thick blanket on his shoulders slipped down, the autumn wind of the night immediately woke up his chaotic brain. The sky was so dark that there was no starlight, only the flickering oil lamp on the table beating uneasily in the autumn wind. When Lu Zigang heard the sound of a galloping horse's hooves in the streets of the outer courtyard, he could not help feeling uneasy. Counting up should be after midnight, Renyin palace change should be over, those who assassinated Emperor Jiajing's palace maids must have been taken down, will it affect innocent people? Lu Zigang suddenly remembered that although he did not know the real name of Xia Zelan in his previous life, his boss had told him that there was a girl's name on the list posted at the gate of the imperial city. Pale face to recall the past life picture, although the yellow paper does not often appear in the memory, but Lu Zigang still found it out from the depths of memory. There is indeed a name surnamed Xia. Xia Zelan touched the delicate bracelet in the brocade box and did not sleep all night. She knew that if she left the young jade cutter overnight, she would be stabbed in the spine by the people who saw her. But so what? He gave her this pair of jump off, she is also happy with him, whether to keep courtesy, only between the two of them, what does it have to do with others? But she really could not shamelessly help him into the room to rest, but covered him with a thick blanket and sat in the dark thinking carefully. When he heard the noise in the courtyard, he came out in his clothes and shyly bowed his head to explain that he had not woken him up.
But before she could speak, the man had rushed up to her, pressed her shoulders, and asked eagerly, "Miss Xia, is your name Xia Zelan?" Xia Zelan thought that Lu Zigang had learned her maiden name from the boss of the dumb house. For a moment, she was even more ashamed. In her heart, the deer bumped randomly and could only nod at random. Unexpectedly, the next moment her hand was grabbed by the other side, pulling her to rush out of the courtyard. Xia Zelan held the exclamation in her throat. She also noticed something was wrong at this time. The night in the capital was always quiet and dead. It was only when something big happened that there would be the sound of hooves. When they went out of the backyard door, they heard someone shouting, "Royal Guards work, idle people retreat!" The voice came from the restaurant in front. When Xia Zelan heard the voice, she felt cold all over her body. The Royal Guards were synonymous with hell among the people, and when she saw Lu Zigang's attitude as if facing a formidable enemy, she knew that the Royal Guards should be coming for her. "What's the matter?" She asked, shaking her lips in disbelief. Lu Zigang cursed while struggling to identify the direction and road in the dark. In the Renyin Palace Incident, several palace maids could not bear the power of Emperor Jiajing and rose up to resist. As a result, they did not strangle Emperor Jiajing to death, but also made a big fuss. Now the palace incident, Jiajing emperor must be furious, nature will also thoroughly investigate all the personnel in the imperial concubine palace, should have been on duty Xia Zelan is not, was replaced, has become a frightened bird, suspicious Jiajing emperor will certainly order the arrest. What to do? The capital was heavily guarded, and the Royal Guards were all-pervasive. Even if he led Xia Zelan to the dumb house to find the boss, the latter would not be able to protect her. And the boss is estimated to have been used to every life of Fu Su reincarnation,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, will die in all kinds of disaster, like Xia Zelan just gave her a piece of jade material when she was young and then let go of the situation, now certainly will not look again.
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