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The Soul of Willow Setting Sun and Thunder (9th Jan 23 at 1:34am UTC)
Wei Langyun hurriedly said, "I never meant anything like that. Uncle, don't be angry. If the attack of Liushun Lou is not related to Shui Bingxin, and even if she is persecuted and threatened like us, we can't blame her. Once we fight with Liushun Lou, the result is so serious that it can't be recovered. Then Bingxin is not going to be in trouble." At a loss as to what to do and what to do? Nodding his head repeatedly, Shu Cang said, "Yes, Langyun is also right to worry. We should always be cautious." Tian Shouchang said irritably, "You're watching. You're all watching with your eyes wide open. The'Liushun Tower 'soldiers are coming. They're menacing. They seem to have the slightest compromise. They seem to have the slightest influence of Shui Bingxin. They don't recognize their relatives at all. They're determined to fight. What can we do and what can we worry about?"? Don't all tie yourself down and surrender to them. Niang, before Shui Bingxin went back, we had considered every possible consequence, but unexpectedly, the worst one came true! Shu Cang said in a low voice, "If it's really none of the water girl's business, we'll get angry and tell her what to do in the future."? One side is the husband's family, the other side is the mother's family, let her open her eyes to see these two relatives bleeding and cutting flesh? "And we've promised her that we won't fight lightly until we have to," said Wei Langyun. He was so angry that he laughed back. Tian Shouchang gnashed his teeth and said, "I've stripped you, a dizzy little animal who doesn't know the pros and cons. The'Liushun Tower 'is at the gate. It forces us to either surrender or slaughter. Isn't that'forced'?"? It's not called'last minute '? Bastard, what do you call it? 'Liushunlou 'Does not recognize our family, regardless of the difficulties of Nianshui Bingxin, not afraid to make relatives become enemies in the future, do not care about blood spattered corpses,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, we still pay attention to his bear? "It's not that we are impersonal, no matter how far or near, it's that they add insult to injury and kill them all!" Shu Cang ran out of words. He sighed and did not speak again.
Steeling himself, Wei Langyun stammered, "Second uncle, can I ask Gu Xuan if he knows the details of this matter.." Tian Shouchang's face was livid and he said angrily, "In this scene, under such circumstances, you actually have the face to ask the enemy about your wife?"? Pull this kind of "nepotism" to set up such a soft "insider" friendship? You,small geared motors, you, you.. You're pissing me off, you little shit, you you.. Are you the young master of'Don't go back to the island 'or the kind of dandy who can't stand up his spine? Tian Shouchang's words, every word, every sentence, are very heavy, Wei Langyun has never been so severely reprimanded since he grew up, this scolding, can not help but make his face ashen, his whole body trembling, his eyes filled with tears, deeply lowered his head.. The Shu Cang of one side is greatly discontented at this moment, he says angrily: "What bullshit do you calculate this to put?"? Tian Shouchang, it is right for the child to be considerate. He is not only for himself, but also for his wife to imagine how to conduct himself in the future. He should first understand that things are not wrong. At least he can have a clear conscience and don't have to worry about gains and losses. If the'Liushun Building 'shows that it is not my fault to ignore the relationship by marriage, let go of it and don't worry about it. The child's thinking is thorough. As an old man, Small Geared Motors ,Micro Gear Motor, we should help him think of a way. How can you be so unreasonable and scold like you? Looking at Wei Langyun's painful description, Tian Shouchang could not help feeling pity in his heart. He thought about it carefully and felt that he had scolded too much, but he could not change his words immediately. He felt guilty secretly. On the surface, he still said angrily: "Well, well, I don't care. It's up to you two bastards to do this!" Shu Cang was well aware of Tian Shouchang's temper. When he heard this, he already knew that this "King of the Heart" had a sense of regret. He hummed, but did not break it. He turned to Wei Langyun and said, "Go, Langyun, go and find out about things. It doesn't matter. Everything is borne by my uncle's old bones, his grandmother's!" Of course, Wei Langyun was even more aware of Uncle Nai's habits. He took a breath and said, "Thank you, Uncle!" Then he said to Tian Shouchang, "Uncle, I'll go down and ask Gu Xuan privately.." With a heavy hum, Tian Shouchang said with a straight face, "If you don't ask him privately, do you want to make it loud in front of everyone?" Just as Wei Langyun was about to turn around, Shu Cang suddenly patted himself on the head and shouted, "Wait a minute.." Stopping, Wei Langyun asked confusedly, "Uncle, what's wrong?" "We've all forgotten, Langyun," said Shu Cang hurriedly. "There's one person who can ask." Tian Shouchang said indifferently, "Do you mean the inside line we arranged in Liushun Building?" "Yes, Guan Yong," said Shu Cang excitedly. "As the leader of the'Liushunlou 'and the'Wudaojin', he has the responsibility of secretly protecting the water maid. I can try to ask him right now." Staring at Shu Cang strangely, Tian Shouchang did not make a sound for a long time. In a daze, Shu Cang lost his temper and said, "Mother, what do you mean by looking at me like that?" With a sigh, Tian Shouchang said, "Hua Zitou, you are really stupid." "Where am I to stay?" Shouted Shu Cang. Tian Shouchang said in a low voice, "If I could ask Guan Yong, wouldn't I ask Langyun to ask him?" Resentfully, Shu Cang said, "Why can't you ask?" Tian Shouchang said without expression, "First, how can you ask in full view of the public?"? Second, Guan Yong is not in the ranks of the'Liushun Building 'under the hillside at all! Shu Cang said confusedly, "Aren't there two'Five Ways' gold figures there?" Tian Shouchang said coldly, "There are two, but neither of them is Guan Yong. Don't forget that there are as many as four good players at each level in Liushunlou." After licking his thick lips, Shu Cang said, "Well, where is Guan Yong?" "That's exactly what I want to know," said Tian Shouchang. Shu Cang became angry from embarrassment and said, "What's the matter? Are you still making wisecracks to the old man?" Wei Langyun said softly, "Uncle,Low Rpm Electric Motor, shall I ask Gu Xuan directly?" Nodding slightly, Tian Shouchang said, "I can only ask him." 。
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