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Phoenix prisoner (9th Jan 23 at 1:37am UTC)
Under the pacification of Liu Ziye, and hastily told a story, Chu Yu left from the palace very early, it was exactly noon when she returned to the house, she immediately summoned Rong Zhi Huan yuan Liu Se Mo Xiang, together with the flower who was recovering from the wound, excluding the young Liu Sang, held the second meeting. Everyone sat in a circle, but Hua Cuo was far away from the circle. Hua Cuo was wrapped up like a mummy, showing only one face outside. He lay on a soft couch and was carried. The smell of medicine on his body was very strong, so he just listened in the distance and did not approach everyone. Hua Cuo is a person who practices martial arts. His ears are much better than those of ordinary people. The princess doesn't have to worry. He can hear it. Rong Zhi said lightly. Chu Yu smiled and glanced over several faces, each with its own characteristics, but all with the same outstanding beauty. "I called you here because I had something to tell you to do." Holding out a finger, Chu Yu put forward the topic: "I am a talented person with limited wisdom. I hope everyone can work together to help me think about how to deceive the king in good faith." Chapter 101 deceiving the king in good faith. Deceive the king, yes, Chu Yu wants to deceive the king. Now Chu Yu, for Liu Ziye the impression of the emperor, there is a very contradictory sense of fragmentation, on the one hand, she is afraid of Liu Ziye in the position of power, as the emperor, he can let her die in a word, but on the other hand, she did not have much respect for Liu Ziye as the emperor. Chu Yu, who comes from the 21st century, naturally rejects the so-called natural imperial power, and does not have too many class concepts. For her, a person is a person, and will not be superior or inferior because of his position and power. She knew what class was and how to use it, and even she herself stood at the top of the so-called class,uns s32750 sheet, but deep in her heart, she could not brand the system of dividing people into three or six or nine classes in her mind. Therefore, she was both fearful and disrespectful to Liu Ziye, who was the emperor. What she feared was the power of the emperor, and what she disrespected was Liu Ziye himself. In other words, she separated the two identities of Liu Ziye and the emperor. In addition, there is a little bit, about a little bit even Chu Yu himself is not willing to admit. Soft-hearted. That sinister and vicious teenager, even though there are thousands of bad, but never had half of the harm to her, even completely dependent on her to believe in her, even if the heart is constantly on guard, Chu Yu in the occasional time to look back, will have a little bit of guilt for Liu Ziye. Chu Yu came up with the idea of deceiving the emperor, which was the result of not only treating Liu Ziye as the emperor, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, but also treating him as the emperor. Chu Yu briefly talked about Liu Ziye's desire to help the weak and fight for justice. Of course, she would not say that all this was caused by her. She only said, "Now, Your Majesty must visit incognito to feel comfortable, but I can never really take him to a dangerous place.". Put him in danger, so your majesty wants to eliminate evil. Then we will create an evil for him to do away with. After some discussion, finally finalized the details of deceiving the king, Chu Yu opened this meeting, the main purpose is to pull everyone onto their own pirate ship, who did not want to go down. Now Chu Yu is most at ease, but is these face head, the willow color ink fragrance is equal to she is raising, what to do by her to have the final say, Huan yuan is pulled. But it was Chu Yu who, in order to show his trust in him, made a mistake. Hua Cuo came here because he had to play the main role of deceiving the king. Although Rong Zhi did not need to participate, he could have a friendship with Hua Cuo. Chu Yu did not think that Hua Cuo would not tell him about it. It's better to tell him what she's going to do at the beginning. In fact, this is not something that needs to be kept secret too much, although it needs to take the risk of a little disrespect, but Chu Yu weighed and thought that even if the matter was exposed, Liu Ziye would not punish her for this well-intentioned deception, which is to complain angrily. And if it works. Can let Liu Ziye have the addiction of incognito private visit to show his prestige. So he doesn't have to go shopping at the market. After the agreement, Chu Yu received a message that the sky was like a mirror. The time is just right and there is no waste at all. When the leaders withdrew, Chu Yu finally stopped Huan yuan and asked, "How are the preparations for the Chu Garden going?" Huan yuan leaned forward and said with a smile, "Don't worry, Princess. Everything is going well.".
” Chu Yu sighed slightly: "Thanks for your hard work." The next period of time was so smooth that Chu Yu felt a little unreal. One thing that continues is to teach Tianrujing to learn English. At first, it is to recognize letters, followed by reciting words. It is found that Tianrujing's memory is amazing. He only needs to read a long string of words once. In order to gain time for himself more conveniently, Chuyu intentionally distorts the process of teaching. This is not to say that she intentionally teaches the wrong knowledge to Tianrujing. She just taught something totally unnecessary to the sky like a mirror. The grammar of English is very different from that of Chinese, and the complexity is a headache. Almost all students who study English have been subjected to the difficulties of those super-long and super-complex sentences in the exam. Chu Yu added some material to the difficulties in his memory, so that he could try the suffering that students had suffered more than a thousand years later, and deeply understand the darkness of the exam, the ruthlessness of the examiner, and the bleak score of zero. What cloze, summarize the main idea of the sentence, reading comprehension, all kinds of test questions, Chu Yu turned out to deal with the sky like a mirror. In this way, in order to learn the grammar of those complex long sentences, Tianrujing's learning progress has to be slowed down. During the period of abusing Tian Rujing, Chu Yu asked Tian Rujing to start the bracelet, and thoroughly investigated the item of "attack" in the bracelet, but unexpectedly found that the reason why Tian Rujing could not launch an attack was that part of the program file of that item was missing, presumably because he did not know which ancient people had deleted it by mistake. When Chu Yu had just come into contact with the computer in her previous life, she had done a similar silly thing. She deleted the files of some programs, causing the files to be unable to start. This is the same reason. Inside the bracelet, which is like a mirror,316l stainless steel pipe, it is equivalent to a multi-functional computer, which contains information and also places some utilities associated with the outside world, such as automatic defense masks and so on.
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