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It's God (10th Jan 23 at 3:26am UTC)
The process was very short, only a few seconds, the blood werewolf emperor saw that this creature was not dead, Lixuan scurried down, but the blood-red monster learned the departure of the blood werewolf, after the body restored, immediately holding a long bloodshot fled to the stone forest. Barker, stop chasing. Gaia stopped the Blood Werewolf Emperor from pursuing that creature. After all, there are a lot of horrible creatures inhabiting here, and the relentless pursuit may only lead to the more difficult to contend with the overlord level of Warcraft. Buckle is the dark Ni through the blood werewolf race's language this blood werewolf ravine book basks adds the concave mountain different body clam, reads well outside the right character to turn Ze into the human language. The blood werewolf emperor can't speak human language to answer, but as a level creature, it can understand. And it's not too difficult to learn human language. It's just that the first warrior of the Blood Werewolf Clan has little contact with humans, not to mention that the Blood Werewolf Clan is hostile to humans, so it hasn't learned human language. The Blood Werewolf King is very respectful to Gaia. When he heard that Gaia would not let him go after him, he immediately stepped back and let out a deep whine. "We are too careless ah, this is a level area,Walking measuring wheel, equivalent to the gathering place of the human holy level strong, many creatures can avoid our perception." Said Gaia. At this time he still has a lingering fear, if not for Selene in time, in time to support the shield of the guardian. I was afraid I was in danger just now. Indeed. Let little Eni and Norman keep watch round. Fizer nodded his head. In this group, there is a level of blood werewolf king. A dark creature with strong perception, an elf who can help you hide your breath. There are also four humans who are very alert, but even so,Walking tape measure, they have to be careful when they are attacked by creatures. What is that thing? It looks so disgusting. Selene felt a strong sense of nausea when she first saw the creature. Although the size of today's creatures is not very large. But the whole body was blistered with blood, the head was embedded in the blood-red shoulders, and even the flames were mixed with the unpleasant smell of blood. It should be the ancestor of ghouls. This creature is relatively low in the level, but now it seems that the records in the book are not all right, because it also has the ability to heal automatically. Gaia's knowledge of Warcraft is not limited to the Warcraft he has faced. He has stayed in places where he has read books about Warcraft in the library, including these creatures who live deep in the mountains of Warcraft. There are ridges everywhere, the collapse of a mountain will not have much impact on the structure of the mountain, as people go deeper, plants gradually become scarce, there are hot rocks everywhere, the temperature of these rocks is at least as high as 70 degrees. Fortunately, these people are practitioners of the constitution, Horse weight lbs ,Surveyors tape measure, the temperature of 70 degrees for them is similar to cold water, but the hot temperature is really people. Suffer. They were resting beside the collapsed mountain, but when it was just dark, a strange rumbling sound came from far away, which was far better than lightning and thunder, and the clouds that blocked the sun made the night come ahead of time at the moment when the sky was dark, without thunder, but the clouds were full of the sound of thunderclouds rolling. It makes people feel that the whole body is trembling with it. The rainstorm fell without warning. The rain hit the hot rocks, suddenly rose a lot of white luck, the rainstorm confused all the people's vision. Suddenly, the white gas was like a cloud around the whole area, and all that everyone could see was white. As if in a cloud. What's wrong Everyone was startled, and the sudden change of the sky made everyone raise their guard. In this Warcraft mountain area, there are all kinds of strange phenomena. Many Warcraft have the ability to reach the sky. There are many people who have a thunder magic to block the sun. However, this kind of cloud is gathering first. Then the strange phenomenon of the rainstorm falling is like ordinary weather, but much faster than the usual steps, only the rumbling sound but no flash of thunder. White fog filled the air, and the heat from the storm gradually dissipated in the bitter wind. However, when no one has seen it seriously, they are shocked that the whole mountain has become a thousand holes, as if they had just been shot by a crossbow army! "It's not rain!" Exclaimed Fei Ze. When the rainstorm fell, someone in Fizer propped up the magic shield, and then the white fog filled the air. At first, people thought that the temperature of the rocky mountain was too high. Clouds naturally rise after being hit by cold water, but in fact these rainstorms have a strong penetrating and corrosive power. No wonder Gaia felt a little hard to support the magic shield. Everybody hides first, I am afraid is what flying demon animal group! Gaia looked up at the sheltered sky and said to the crowd that this manifestation had only been seen in the Warcraft books, that it was the migration of a large group of flying Warcraft, and that the rainstorm that fell was not rain, of course, but the excrement of these horrible and corrosive creatures. There was only a roar and no thunder, which was the dense flight of animals and the sound of these dense creatures. My God, it's more than the number of blood wolf bats! Selene was also surprised to raise her head, looking at the huge network of animals running through, in the entire Eden 6, perhaps only here can see such a spectacular scene! "Actually, I'm more worried about why they're running away in that direction in such a hurry," Fizer said with a worried look as his eyes fell forward. If you want to know what happened, please go to the 6 muscle chapter for more and support the author. Support Genuine Reading Jian Book Sunning Fine Concave Yue Ju Shan Different Body Clam, Reading Well Outside Chapter 122 Yanhong World. After a short rest, the crowd continued to move forward,Fish measuring board, not to mention the spectacular scene of last night's surprise, which also raised a lot of vigilance. Judging from the panic of those birds and beasts, maybe there was something dangerous in front of them. It's a riot of top Warcraft or something more bizarre.
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