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President, I want a divorce. (10th Jan 23 at 3:32am UTC)
He's.. Was molested by the drunken Ye Yining? Shen Shengxun some can not believe looking at in front of their own infinite magnified this face, the original accumulation of anger in the heart has unconsciously do not know where to vent! The body was teased by her with the most natural reaction, where the suit pants hard drum, the top of Ye Yining is very uncomfortable, only to see her hand forced down so a press, Shen Shengxun had some emotional face instantly became livid. "Leaf.." With. Ning.. The roar of forbearance sounded again, but this time it was not as strong as the previous ones. Did she want to waste him before she married him? "Yes!"! I am Ye Yining. No one loves Ye Yining who no one loves. Ye Yining put his hand around his neck, roaring loudly in front of him, but the sentence behind him was as thin as a mosquito. 566 | Chapter 011: Sung-hoon! Shen Shengxun had to admit that after getting drunk, Ye Yining brought the characteristics of women into full play, what is called clinging to her, what is called clinging to her, and tonight he finally saw her clearly. All the way back to the villa, she scratched and bit, her own roar was not good, pushed her away, and after a while she would stick up again, like a dogskin plaster! Back to the villa, originally wanted to let the servant throw Ye Yining into any guest room and let her run her own course, but after seeing her suddenly quiet face full of tears, Shen Shengxun finally just silently let her nest in his arms, let the servant push his wheelchair,heavy duty metal racks, Ye Yining back to the room together. Young master, don't be so fierce to Miss Yining. Drunk people should be obedient. If you shout at her, she will make more trouble. The servant hesitated, and finally said this before closing the door and going out. Since the last time Miss Yining left in anger, they could see that in this home, if Miss Yining was comfortable, they could also get a moment of comfort, but if she was uncomfortable,shuttle rack system, they would also suffer! After the servant left, Shen Shengxun sat in a wheelchair and watched the woman sitting on the edge of the bed look back at him with her seemingly ignorant and clear eyes. Her long hair slipped down her cheeks, and her white little face was misty and wet with tears. Let Shen Shengxun's fierce line of sight stare at, like a child, but the eyes from time to time slightly squint up, drowsy appearance. You lie down and go to sleep, and I'll take a shower. Shen Shengxun dry cough twice, rare patience to slow down the tone, Ye Yining cleverly nodded, then thin body a crooked, lying on the bed, like a small fan of long eyelashes flickering, soon closed his eyes. Because of drunkenness and some heavy breathing sounded smoothly, Shen Shengxun looked for a while, and then pushed the wheelchair into the bathroom. After he simply cleaned out, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,warehouse storage racks, he saw that Ye Yining, who had just been lying in bed, had already got into the thin quilt. Because she was not sleeping honestly, most of the thin quilt fell on the floor. Shen Shengxun, whose hair was still dripping with water, looked at the scene with an expressionless face and could not help shaking his head. Counting up, this kind of Ye Yining is the one he first knew. He has a completely different character from Yixuan's steadiness. He is rash. Even his grades are only medium among the practice nurses. He dared not even give the patient an infusion injection at the very beginning. He secretly took the back of his hand to do experiments. I don't know how many tears he shed for this. Ye Yining lay there quietly, almost let Shen Shengxun think she was asleep, but soon, she sat up slowly, drunk and bleary-eyed looking at him, Shen Shengxun did not speak, but saw her head sideways looking at him for a long time before it seemed to understand what, lifted the thin quilt barefoot out of bed toward the wet bathroom. Shen Shengxun frowned, as if she did not understand what she wanted to do, but soon Ye Yining gave herself the answer with her actions. She came out with a dry towel in her hand. After being drunk, she stumbled unsteadily and stumbled to Shen Shengxun. She covered his head with a dry towel, which was still dripping. "Sung-hoon." Don't dry your hair after taking a shower. You'll have a headache. Ye Yining's clean toes were slightly curled up, her fingernails were like white jasmine petals, and the two white thighs under her shorts were reflected in Shen Shengxun's eyes, while her hair was wiped by her. Shim Sung-hoon. Sung-hoon.. You are in this world.. The best man.. Your only weakness.. Just don't love me! Her voice was low, with the fragility of drunkenness, but it was soon replaced by another emotion. She lowered her head and wiped his hair in silence, yawning several times, unable to open her eyes. I do not know how long this has passed, Shen Shengxun's hair is no longer dripping, showing a semi-dry state, Ye Yining smiled with satisfaction, and then closed his eyes to climb back to bed, his head just touched the soft pillow, the sound of even breathing immediately came. Shen Shengxun looked at her curled up against the wall, back against the wall curled up like shrimp, from the psychological point of view, this is a kind of extreme lack of security posture, Ye Yining is such a lack of security woman, but just like to try to be brave, this smelly problem should be learned from that Lin midsummer. Shen Shengxun thought so, lifted the thin quilt and moved his body a little bit, lying quietly on the other side of the bed, looking at the ceiling with his eyes open, and on the bedside table there was information about the hospital sent to him by his father, everything seemed to be preparing for him to take over the hospital. He pulled open the drawer of the bedside table and took out the sleeping pills from it. Ye Yining next to him was snoring slightly and curled up like a kitten. He looked at her face in silence and delivered two sleeping pills to his mouth in a quiet and dull way that he had never shown in front of anyone during the day. Even the water did not pour, until the bitter taste permeated the mouth, Shen Shengxun began to chew dry, quiet space there is a creaking sound of tablets chewing, bitter into the heart, bitter. Into the lungs. He did not force the woman, nor did he lure her,asrs warehouse, nor did he coerce her, obviously he was willing, obviously she was willing.
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