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Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward (16th Jan 23 at 1:57am UTC)
"Oh, that's an apology to you!" Xiao Han couldn't help laughing and said that the snowball was getting better and better. Xiao Han, what do you think? At this time, the voice of the show rang up, Xiao Han Wen Yan a look, can not help but shine at the moment, the show bought a white suspender dress, a look at the work is very delicate, the chest is inlaid with shiny beads and diamonds, pendent tassels, a pair of white high-heeled sandals, with the charming face of the show, the whole person appears soft and lovely, and pure. Well, not bad, not bad! Kui Xiu, you have a good eye! Xiao Han sincerely exclaimed. Really, the leader helped me choose it. He said it was more beautiful than my original costume. Kui Xiu listened to Xiao Han's praise and said happily, but her eyes could not help floating to Fang Chu. Small Han saw the appearance of the show quickly poked Fang Chu said: "How, not bad?"? I appreciate it from a woman's point of view, and you can judge it from a man's point of view. "Well, not bad!" Fang Chu's answer is concise. Xiu Xiu some disappointed look floating on the face, she is not the other Chu has any idea, just as a flower season girl,gold CIP machine, naturally hope to get the praise of the opposite sex peers, but the fool can also see the perfunctory face of Fang Chu. Er, Xiuxiu, Fang Chu's answer already means that he feels very beautiful, because there are too many beautiful girls around him, so generally speaking, he feels dull about beautiful things. Xiao Han hurried to smooth things over. Oh, I understand, with a beautiful girl like you around,gold heap leaching, it's not easy for Fang Chu to feel that someone else is beautiful. Kui Xiu listened to Xiao Han's words and said gloomily. Uh.. Xiaohan is speechless directly. She doesn't mean that, okay? "Xiao Han, why don't you put on your clothes and show me?"? You should have brought your costume, too? Kui Xiu immediately adjusted his expression and said happily to Xiao Han. Of course, Xiao Han understands the meaning of letting him change his clothes now. First, he wants to compare whose clothes will look better. Second, he wants to see Fang Chu's performance? This girl's mind! "All right!" Xiao Han replied that he had brought his costume, which was also prepared in case he was going to perform on the stage. Fang Chu, do you particularly like Xiao Han? When Xiao Han went in to change his clothes, he looked at the silent Fang Chu and asked. Does it matter to you? Fang Chu asked without raising his head. Uh, no, I'm just curious. Embarrassed to say, the heart extremely regret their chat up, when she was so ignored by others? She admitted that he was not as good-looking as Xiaohan, but her appearance was also one in a hundred. Usually everyone spoils her like a princess. This is the first time that someone has ignored her like this. I don't mean anything else. I just don't like to talk to girls. Don't mind. Fang Chu may also feel that his words have gone too far, so he apologizes to him. Oh, small gold wash plant ,gold shaking table, it's okay. It's okay! I also like Xiaohan very much! Fang Chu, in fact, you are very handsome, and you would be even more handsome if you didn't always have a sullen face. Xiu Xiu finished some embarrassed to lower his head, so praised a boy for her first time, but waited for a while but did not hear Fang Chu's answer, then looked at Fang Chu doubtfully, but saw Fang Chu is two eyes looking at the left front, the expression on his face is very soft. Xiuxiu looked down Fang Chu's eyes and was stunned. She now doubted whether he had gone back to the past. She saw Xiaohan wearing a white strapless Hanfu, covered with carmine gauze clothes, embroidered with dark golden silk thread on the gauze clothes. A big phoenix ran through the whole dress. Her long black hair was pulled up loosely, and a jade was inserted on it. With Xiaohan's bright and clean skin like jade, rippling eyes, hanging nose like a gallbladder, and small mouth like a cherry, when the eyelids droop, the small fan-like eyelashes will flicker down, that feeling, indescribably shy, indescribably charming. Although she admitted in her heart that Xiao Han looked better than her, she never thought that the beauty of Xiao Han, who was really dressed up, was so touching that it was no wonder that Fang Chu would turn a blind eye to her.
"Give me some advice, you two!" In fact, when Xiaohan changed her clothes again, she thought there would be such a situation, but if she didn't change, she might think more. She had been wearing all kinds of Hanfu in the competition all these years, which almost became his symbol. So this time he also brought such a set of Hanfu. Of course, she also brought clothes like a little dress, but just now she had already worn it, so she couldn't take it out again. Xiao Han, you are so beautiful! He Xiu finally exclaimed. Thank you for your compliment. Xiao Han said with a smile. Then his eyes looked at Fang Chu, only to see that the guy was still staring at him, his face soft enough to drip water. Xiao Han just wanted to tease Fang Chu, but there was a knock at the door, because she was close to the door, so she turned around and opened the door. Small Xiao Han? After the door opened, standing outside is Xiu Xiu's brother Wen, he looked at standing in front of the small Han dressed in Hanfu eyes across a touch of amazing color, Leng for a long time, then stammered out to ask. Yes, it's me. You're looking for Jixiu, aren't you? There she is. Come in. Xiao Han said and let Zan Wen in. Brother, what are you doing here? Kui Xiu looked at Kui Wen and asked in surprise. Xiuer, I'll bring the money back to Xiaohan, you.. What are you doing? Wen Wen looked at his sister in a little dress and asked in surprise. Let's put on the costumes first. Brother, how about it? Does it look good? He Xiu said and turned around. Well, it looks good. It seems that your leader teacher's taste is really good! Wen looked at his sister and praised her sincerely. Brother, does Xiaohan's clothes look good? As she spoke, she pointed at Xiao Han and asked. Xiaohan this dress is too distinctive, with Xiaohan's temperament, it is really indescribable! Xiaohan,gold cil machine, if you show up at the Grand Prix, how can others live? Wen looked at Xiao Han and said appreciatively. My Xiaohan has participated in several sessions wearing the type of clothes! Xiao Han has not yet answered, but Fang Chu is swearing ownership.
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