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Trapped dragon ascends to heaven (16th Jan 23 at 2:09am UTC)
Tianyu saw that a man in armor was flying towards him at a high speed. Tianyu shouted, "Didn't I agree to join?"? Damn it, still fight. These six people, it seems, the skill is also the level of spiritual silence. With the skill of Tianyu. Deal with it, that's more than enough. I saw the man getting closer and closer. Tianyu gritted his teeth and flew to that. The six men saw Tianyu fly up. Also stepped on the flying sword to follow up. Tianyu shouted at this time: "If you want to fight, wait for a while and then fight again. Let me know where this is!" The man in the armor laughed wildly and said, "This is a small demon world. It's too small. What bad things have you done to get here? But it doesn't matter. You will soon become a part of my body." The six younger brothers in the back just stopped behind Tianyu, surrounded by a circle. Tianyu tried to sense the dragon armor at this time, but it was still the same as before. There's no reaction. The guy stared at Tianyu, salivating and said, "Boy, don't resist.". I'll be gentle. Come on, give me your hand. Tianyu laughed and said, "Damn you, you're just at the level of yuan Ying!"! Lao Tzu is already at the level of yuan Ying. I'm in a good mood today. I don't care about you. Go back! The eyes of the man and the man beside him immediately glowed, and the man in armor said cheerfully, "Do you already have yuan Ying?"? Great, guys, we met Bao today. Finish. Tianyu saw the man spit out a small thing from his mouth, which soon turned into a three-foot green peak and cut at Tianyu. The six men in the back expanded the encirclement a little. Tianyu threw back six pure Ziyuan bullets. An energy bomb was thrown forward, and after the explosion, the six men behind fell down with missing arms and feet. The man in armor was shocked to see that his only six younger brothers had been reimbursed. But the flying sword was blown up by those energy bombs and could not move forward. He said angrily,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Boy, you still have a little ability. But today, when you meet me, it's over." Tianyu sighed and shouted, "Brother, let's not fight!"! I may not be able to beat me. Let me have a rest! At this moment, that person expression changes, say: 'I still have a bit of thing,Kava Root Extract, went first. Tianyu touched his chin and said to himself, "What a messy world this is!"! However, the environment here is better than the first two, at least there is a little sun to see. Oh, and the old eagle, it flies so fast. Soon, three giant eagles were only 500 meters away from the sky. Tianyu suddenly remembered a few days ago, running day and night life, busy flying down, sure enough, those giant eagles immediately rushed down to the sky. Tianyu felt that this time, his flying speed did not seem to be as fast as those guys, sighed a long sigh, and continued to fly down. A huge eagle opened its mouth and a bolt of lightning came out. Almost at the same time, the lightning struck the shield of the sky, waiting for the last layer, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, the lightning was blocked down. "You started it," Tianyu shouted. "I'm not polite." The other two giant eagles also split the lightning, of course, the two lightning was also blocked by the sky. Soon, the giant eagle, whose wings were almost ten meters long, was only fifty meters away from the sky, and its claws, like steel, came to the sky. Although there were shields in front of them, those shields were broken by the giant eagles with little effort. Tianyu threw three Ziyuan bullets while retreating rapidly, only to hear the roar of Li. Tianyu was surprised to see that a few feathers, like sharp arrows, flicked at Ziyuan. No way, three Ziyuan bullets are wasted like this. But the power still separated the sky from the giant eagle for some distance. Tianyu thought to himself, "I can't escape. The man in armor must have felt the three guys. So these three guys flew to Tianyu like lightning, more powerful than the arrogant guy.". Although in the domain, the speed of the object will be much slower in the eyes of the sky, but the nine feathers are too fast, almost at the same time, the nine feathers fly to the front of the sky. Tianyu almost had no time to give a cry, so he separated out nine thoughts and senses and tied up the nine feathers mercilessly. At the same time, the shields were drawn in one after another. And then jerked back.
When the feather flew half a meter away from Tianyu, it was finally controlled by Tianyu, but at this time, the feathers suddenly exploded. Suddenly, Tianyu was blown up into a bloody man, and the three giant eagles gave a cry of joy and chased Tianyu. When Tianyu came to this space, it was the first time that he had suffered such a serious injury. As he fell to the ground, looking at the giant eagle getting closer and closer, Tianyu stretched out an index finger and shouted, "Seven, it should be almost over!" Said it was late. That is quick, the same giant eagle stretched out its claws and was about to catch Tianyu. Tianyu army body is blood body suddenly moved to the side, can escape a deadly grasp. Then the thought feeling can encircle the neck of the giant eagle. Taking a deep breath, Tianyu bumped into the neck of the giant eagle. Originally thought, this place, can always have a rest! Tianyu never thought that the hair on the neck of the giant eagle immediately stood up. Fortunately, the shield automatically reacted and lifted Tianyu's body up. Tianyu held the neck of the giant eagle, looked at his bloody body, and murmured, "Damn it.". Lao Tzu looks like he's really going to hang here. Seven is really a guy who has sealed the Kowloon Ring. He's going to die, he's going to die. Damn it, can't I catch my breath? Because at this time, the deadly feather will fly to the sky. If it happens again, Tianyu is really likely to hang here, this time. Tianyu's heart suddenly calmed down, and the feathers that came at a high speed slowed down at once. At this time of crisis, Shenlong Xinfa finally automatically upgraded to the sixth level, and Tianyu's body flashed with golden light. Dragon Armor finally came out to save the Lord. At that moment,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Tianyu's heart became desireless and left the giant eagle with one wing. The feather is still on the trail. Tianyu snorted, and the feathers on the wings of the dragon armor immediately greeted him. They began to work one by one. Unexpectedly, the feathers on the dragon armor could not easily kill these golden feathers of the same color.
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