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Infinite eschatological slave owners (16th Jan 23 at 2:11am UTC)
I opened my closed eyes in a daze, and what I saw was the snow-white ceiling. A pungent smell of disinfectant came into my nose. I looked around and found myself in a ward. It looked like a super nursing ward that only the children of senior cadres could enter. Then I saw that my whole body was covered with bandages, almost like a mummy. "" I think I just had a car crash! It seems that the person who sent me to the ward should be very rich and can arrange such a high-end ward. But this time it was an accident, and it seems a little unrighteous to open your mouth and knock money again, doesn't it? I don't know if the head nurse here is right? Hello, is anyone there? Make a sound if someone is there. After Hao shouted several times, the door of the ward was gently pushed open, and a comely face came in. Hao Da froze for a moment. Shit, the little nurse is pretty! A little bit out of the dust, pure and lovely but not human fireworks, really worthy of being a senior ward nurse! "Can I help you, sir?" The innocent and lovely nurse asked softly, with a sweet smile on her lips. The concave and convex figure hidden in the nurse's robe made Hao Da secretly swallow a mouthful of saliva. That one Who sent me here? "Hello, I am your responsible nurse, send you to come over is a beautiful young lady, she says to come to see you in the afternoon, you have been in a coma for four days!"! But your constitution is really amazing. You have broken three bones and broken your feet. Now it seems that you have recovered very quickly. Dr. Zheng is still asking if you are a monster reincarnated? The charming nurse chuckled. Zheng Zha, the attending physician, was amazed by the amazing recovery ability of the patient named Hao Da. He shouted several times to study him carefully. However, after testing his whole body countless times,Quillaja Saponin, he came to the conclusion that he was no different from ordinary people, but his physical strength and pulse were much stronger. It seemed that he might be gifted. The nurse named Lin Qian thought of it in her heart. Four days? I was in a coma for four days?! Hao Da suddenly froze, he knew that his constitution is now very strong, but within four days can recover, this is too exaggerated, right? It's not going to be dissected as a monster, is it? He touched his body, only to find that it was basically all right except for the pain and weakness. Cough. Cough! Of course I'm not a monster. I just practiced a little Qigong. Well, it's Qigong. You know, our Chinese civilization is broad and profound. The Taoist culture left by our ancestors has always been very mysterious. This nurse, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, right? Still don't know your name?! Hao Da asked with a dry smile to hide it. My name is Lin Qian. So you have practiced Qigong. No wonder you have recovered so quickly. The charming nurse smiled and nodded. "Would you like something to eat now?" "Well, I'll trouble you." Hao Da nodded, and there was a cry of Gururu in his belly. All right The nurse named Lin Qian turned around and left, and the charming figure led Hao Da to swallow a mouthful of saliva again. Angel was very upset now. She had just returned to China for the second day. Because she was in a hurry to get to her fiance's banquet, she caused a car accident and hit a man who did not know his origin half dead. At that time, the man's face was covered with blood, and he did not know how many bones were broken. It looked terrible. The worst thing was that the man ran wildly to hit his car without being seen by others. After he was knocked over, when he got out of the car to check his injuries, there was a constant crowd of onlookers beside him. It was because he was wearing an evening dress for a banquet that day. His clothes and jewelry were a little gorgeous, and he looked even richer. Soon the onlookers took out their mobile phones and kept taking pictures. Now the people's hatred of the rich is getting heavier and heavier.
Sent the man to the city's first hospital, paid tens of thousands of deposits to arrange an intensive care unit and then left in a hurry, these days, Angel spent in cranky, also dare not call the hospital to inquire about the situation, for fear that the man died, that matter can be really troublesome. "Use the nunchakus quickly, hum." Sitting in the coffee shop, thinking about the boring time in the afternoon, Angel's cell phone rang suddenly. She picked up the phone absentmindedly. After listening to two sentences, Angel jumped up: "What?!"! The man has come to life? Thank you, Dr. Cheng. That's great! I'll be right there On the way, I received a phone call from my fiance. He said that he had found someone to collect the surveillance records near the accident that day. There was very sufficient evidence that the main person responsible for the accident was a pedestrian. According to the surveillance data of the nearby highway, this person was a fraudster. Hearing this, Angel asked, "Is it possible to arrest him?" "No, after all, there is no evidence that he committed a crime. Now there is only evidence to prove that he may have committed this act, but it has not yet caused the facts of the crime." "Does that mean that as long as he claims compensation from me, I will give him money and cause criminal facts?" Thinking of personally performing the drama of the righteous beautiful girl overseas Chinese bravely capturing the fraudster, Angel became inexplicably excited. Yes Honey, you're so smart. Be careful. I'll be right behind you. The fiance's disdainful laughter came from the mobile phone: "That guy is really stupid and super funny. If you see these videos, you will laugh your belly. I have asked the traffic department to make a clip to show you later.." Angel's fiance, Ma Lilong, is the director of the office of Jiangbei Branch of Panjiang City Planning Bureau. He is also an official. His parents are members of the leading group of Panjiang City. The Ma family in Panjiang City can be said to have wind and rain. It's really not difficult to find some surveillance data. It turned out that I bumped into a guy who lived by crashing cars. These cheaters were so hateful that they worried for several days in vain. They didn't have the heart to do what they wanted to do when they came back to China. There was a surge of anger in Angel's heart,S Adenosyl Methionine, and at this time she remembered a sentence in the movie Infernal Affairs, "If you come out, you will have to pay back sooner or later." It's just that she didn't know that the tragic Hao Da just came out on the first day and went to the hospital.
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