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Move the universe with force (6th Feb 23 at 2:25am UTC)
For the so-called first God, even they do not know, the only thing they know is that the first God even their master can not control, otherwise, the war between heaven and earth, would have ended with their complete victory. They looked at each other, their eyes were a little confused, the first God, it is too mysterious. "The first divine thing." It should be the source of the supreme power. Suddenly there was a whisper on one side, and the Lord of Life and Death turned his head and saw Ling Qingzhu coming to his side. The source of the power of the Supreme? The Lord of life and death they were stunned, they knew about the power of the Supreme, Fu Zu also let them sense, but in addition to the Ice Lord, other people did not sense it successfully. Uh Ling Qingzhu nodded gently. In her beautiful eyes, there was a faint wave of light flowing. She seemed to be gazing at this piece of heaven and earth. She said, "I can only sense this step. As for wanting to control it, it is impossible. I'm afraid this step can only be done by the strong people who have stepped into the ancestral territory." "Can Lin Dong do that?" The Lord of Life and Death asked hastily. He also practiced Taishang induction formula, and sensed Taishang, I think, now he should also guess some. But as for whether he can control it, I don't know, after all, even Fu Zu failed at the beginning. Ling Qingzhu eyes deep flow through a touch of slightly astringent meaning, way. The Lord of life and death they nodded,metal racking systems, now, they can not help a little, can only hope that Lin move, can really control the first God. Knock knock! Above the nine heavens, two shadows filled with the pressure of terror, each controlling the power of terror, fiercely bombarded together, and with every confrontation between the two, the space will be quickly shattered. Between heaven and earth,radio shuttle racking, the wind blows, the sky trembles and the earth moves, just like the scene of the end. Lin moved into the ancestral realm, the power of heaven and earth was at his disposal, and the demon emperor was also endless, so even if the two fought crazily, they still did not show any fatigue. Ding! The colorful pike swept out with monstrous brilliance, and then collided with the magic gun like lightning. Both of their eyes became cold and fierce in this moment, and the brilliant light and magic gas surged crazily behind them. Roar! Behind Lin Dong, the brilliant light condensed crazily and turned into a huge colorful dragon of hundreds of thousands of feet. The dragon was entrenched and roared to the sky. The sound of the dragon's singing resounded through almost every corner of the world. Howl! Behind the strange demon emperor, there is also a monstrous demon shadow emerging, which is no smaller than the colorful dragon, covered with countless demon arms, each of which has an evil giant eye, shining with the luster of indifference and cruelty. Knock! Colorful dragons and magic shadow mercilessly rushed out, and then in the two people over the hard regret together, an indescribable wave swept away, metal racking systems ,shuttle rack system, below the chaotic sea of magic, was immediately set off tens of thousands of huge waves, and then rumbled to spread. Ripples of energy swept away from the collision between the two men, and the two figures were shocked, retreating hundreds of feet, and when they fell down every step, the space would be crushed. The two men had such an earth-shaking fight, but still failed to win or lose. I said, even if the ancestral realm is strong, it is only equal to me, when Fu Zu can not do this emperor, let alone you? With a slight shock of the magic gun in the hands of the demon emperor, the space was broken, and he smiled faintly. My Demon army will soon enter this heaven and earth continuously from the cracks in the plane. When the time comes, how can you resist this heaven and earth? When countless strong people heard this, their faces changed, and their eyes hurriedly looked at the cracks in the empty plane. Sure enough, they saw that there was an endless surge of evil spirit, which seemed to have endless evil shadows. The Lord of life and death, they are also dignified, once the invasion of the Demons, then it is a real war between heaven and earth, and when the time comes, they will inevitably pay an extremely tragic price. Lin Dong also looked up at the crack in the face, and immediately he looked at the strange demon emperor who had changed into Lin Langtian. His voice was gentle: "Fu Zu will fail, but that doesn't mean I will fail.".
” "Because this is our world." In the depths of the Demon Emperor's Demon Pupil, a touch of light passed by. Can you tell me why you came to our plane? It's not just for simple killing and occupation, is it? Lin Dongdao. The strange demon emperor holds the palm of the magic gun slowly tightly, in the magic pupil, the cold awn surges, but does not intend to say anything more with Lin Dong, the horrible demon gas, sweeps out from its body. You don't want to talk about it, but.. Even if you don't tell me, I know. Lin smiled and said, "Aren't you here for something?" "The kind of thing you want, here, should be called the first God, right?" Staring at Lin Dong, the Demon Emperor finally smiled sarcastically and said, "It seems that you know a lot." In that case, do you know the origin of Lord Fu Zu, who is admired by countless people in the world? Lin moved his eyes slightly narrowed. That Lord Fu Zu is also not from your world. He comes from the same place as me, and the purpose of coming here is exactly the same as me. "Isn't that ironic?" The Demon Emperor sneered? Your former savior, in fact, has ulterior motives, but he chose a different path from me. The Lord of Life and Death, their faces pale and their bodies trembling violently, were obviously shocked by the news. I felt this when I entered the territory of my ancestors. The only calm thing between heaven and earth was Lin Dong. He stared at the demon emperor and said lightly, "Don't compare yourself with Fu Zu. Although he is not from our world, no matter what his purpose is, at least we all know that he has saved countless creatures. This is enough.." The shaking in the chaotic sea of demons subsided slightly, and countless people nodded, no matter what Fu Zu's purpose was,teardrop pallet racking, but no matter what, without Fu Zu, the world would have fallen long ago. . 。
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