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Good words and freehand brushwork (6th Feb 23 at 2:36am UTC)
He sneered: "You are not good to say?"? Then I'll say it for you. How can you let your sympathy dominate when you are so deliberately trying to get back at me? You think I amputated it for you? That's why I'm a monster with a missing leg. So you're a saint, and you feel guilty! You feel guilty! You feel responsible for me! Tell you, Shen Xifu, I don't BBS jOOYO O. NEt needs! In this world, I, Li Zeliang, lack everything, but I don't lack the pity of others. I'm happy to do what I do, not to mention amputating my leg. Even if I jumped down and died, I asked for it. It has nothing to do with you! The more he spoke, the more annoyed he became, and finally he slammed the door and left her alone in the yard. It's not like that. Looking at the back of his disappearance, tears rolled in his eyes, but he could not find any words to refute him. What he said was not unreasonable. If the truth of his disability was not in front of her, how could she have the courage to face his love? But It doesn't seem to be all that. It's not that, it's not that. Unable to repeat these pale words, she squatted down slowly. Snowflakes fell from the sky, so she stood in the cold night, but she did not feel what is cold,hot tub spa manufacturers, let the snowflakes fall on the hair, face, and then touch the skin into snow water, just in the mind repeatedly recalled his words. Passed a little while, the door opens again, Li Zeliang walks out again, throw handbag and umbrella to say coldly to her: "Shen freehand brushwork, the car that picks you stops in the doorway.". Take your pity and get out of here. Wait for him to turn round to turn round again when,hot tub wholesale, listen to freehand brushwork to take utensil cavity to call out however: "a Yan..." And pull him by the sleeve. As soon as the name came out of her mouth, her tears rolled out. His footsteps stopped. The first time you talked to me, I let you get hurt in the game and lost the place. You didn't blame me, but asked me if it hurt. That time, you lent me clothes to cover up my ugliness on a snowy day, but I made me have a fever for a long time. You didn't blame me, but told me not to be so careless as a girl in the future; When I was a senior in high school, I ran away from home. You took me to the classroom. Later, your counselor found out that you had been scolded and did not blame me. When I first arrived in Germany, I had a severe toothache but dared not go out alone. You delayed the exam in order to take me to see a doctor. You did not blame me at all. I have done so many wrong things before, and you forgive me. You said that no matter what you did, you would not be angry. She cried incoherently: "Ah Yan, you don't want to go back on your word.". As I recall, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless swimming pool, you must have said that to me. So I cheated you like that, and you knew it and let me cheat. You didn't get angry, but you said sorry to me, and you said sorry to me again and again. But today you just let me go and don't want me. Freehand brushwork has finished sobbing, completely restored to the sad appearance of childhood. So, you must be blaming me in your heart, blaming me for making you like this, making you lose your right leg and deceiving you. However, I really did not mean to, I did not mean to suicide when you see, you have to save me. I've been thinking, if only I could change it back and give you my leg, as long as it can make you stand up and walk well, as long as you don't have so much pain and are as healthy as others. But why are you so cruel that you don't want me and want to drive me away. Yan, why don't you do freehand brushwork? Why Every word of her crying pierced his heart, and the pain in his chest almost bled. No one will not be moved by it, even if the heart of stone is also warm. He turned around and rubbed her into his arms with emotion and said sadly, "Freehand brushwork, don't say it.". Don't cry, don't cry. I buried my head in front of my chest and continued to cry: "That day, I really asked them about the car accident without telling you. If I didn't ask, you would never tell me.". At that time, I regretted it to death. If I hadn't been so capricious at that time, Ah Yan wouldn't have been like that. I couldn't tell if it was pity or something else. I only know that I made up my mind at that time to be with Ah Yan forever, and never let Ah Yan be sad for me again.
But I really don't know if it's guilt or love, I don't know. For Li Zeliang, the words were like a torture of conscience. He hugged her tightly and said repeatedly, "I know. Don't say it. Don't say it." Freehand brushwork lay on his chest sobbing for a long time. Li Zeliang raised her face and stroked her tears with his fingers, but as soon as he wiped them, the tears rolled out of his eyes again. His fingertips touched the tears and burned them to the bottom of his heart. With his eyes closed, he rested his chin on the top of her head and tightened his arms around her again. Snowflakes fell on their hair, shoulders and eyelashes, and gradually stopped melting. Freehand brushwork, freehand brushwork, freehand brushwork.. As he repeated her name, he lowered his voice to the extreme. "Don't cry, don't cry.". I know what you said. I know everything. "You told me to get out when you knew." She cried so that the logical order in her mind was reversed. I'm obsessed. He blamed himself. And you threw my stuff. "I was wrong." "I'm not allowed to enter the house on such a cold day." "I didn't go into the house either." You just went in for a few minutes. Ok, then punish me to stand for half an hour later. He said I'm not as cruel as you. She rubbed her tears and snot against him. Yes, no one is more cruel than me. He echoed. (3) In the evening, he insisted on massaging his legs. She said mysteriously, "I learned a skill today, and I'm sure I'll make progress gradually. After that, I can only touch your legs." Then she went to boil the Chinese medicine for soaking her feet, and after a while she sweated profusely and brought in a bucket full of water. After the dry and wet towels and stools were ready,hot tub manufacturers, he squatted down and reached out to touch his legs. Forget it, freehand brushwork. Li Zeliang blocked her hand. Do you think I'm not as gentle as others? "No." "You are my Yan, aren't you?" "Yes." 。
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